plastic bags and condom worn over head, breath control and asphyxiationSee the previous parts.

Just in case (again): I’m not into breath control or autoerotic asphyxiation, but I like thin transparent film, plastic, latex worn hmmm … everywhere … Ideally, it can be something like this latex condom dress.

Being a kid I did play with plastic bags, but I always made holes to breath through. But I had two very dangerous close calls:

I tried to repeat the “bondage scenario” I read about in this fairy tail book. I think I was 9 or 10 year old. I looped a rope around my neck and made another loop for my hands. I was wearing borrowed pantyhose, of course. I don’t remember if I was wearing pantyhose on my arms or if I gagged myself. Usually I did.

Then I inserted my wrists in the loop dangling behind my back, laid on a sofa and tugged a bit. The hands got gently trapped by the loop, but the same happened with my neck. My neck bulged and I was just in time to undo the wrist loop and free my neck before I blacked out.

And that was pretty scary. Yes, exciting at the same time, but … never again …

Another incident was related to self-mummification. I was a bit older. Something like 13 or 14. Same clothes as always: sheer nylon pantyhose on legs, arms and head, one-piece swimsuit, a gag made out of a plastic bag. Also I was using a plastic bag as a condom. I think I was wearing something opaque on my head. Very thick pantyhose? A cotton bag? I don’t remember, but I was blindfolded.

I looped rope around my legs and upper body. On the other end of the rope I made a simple cinch noose for my hands (a plain loop, not the one-way only). Then I laid on a piece (2x3m) of a sort canvas, inserted the wrists into the loop behind my back, tugged, grabbed the side of the canvas and begin rolling.

Underneath the canvas I laid out a 5m long exercising rubber rope-like band. One end was bound to a piano, another one to my hand. The idea was to: roll, crawl back and tug (to keep the band under tension), roll, crawl back and tug, etc. The rubber band would go up and down my legs and torso to immobilize my cocooned body.

Pretty smart, I would say, for a kid. But after the second or the third turn I realized that I could barely breath. I rotated in the wrong direction, skewed the canvas so the non-breathable material covered my head entirely!

Fortunately I could quickly roll back, and safely complete my self-bondage scenario afterwards.

So, again, I’m not into asphyxiation. Asphyxiation and breath play are not for selfbondage.

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