Breath control art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part V
Kids, self-bondage and asphyxia

plastic bags and condom worn over head, breath control and asphyxiationSee the previous parts.

Just in case (again): I’m not into breath control or autoerotic asphyxiation, but I like thin transparent film, plastic, latex worn hmmm … everywhere … Ideally, it can be something like this latex condom dress.

Being a kid I did play with plastic bags, but I always made holes to breath through. But I had two very dangerous close calls:

I tried to repeat the “bondage scenario” I read about in this fairy tail book. I think I was 9 or 10 year old. I looped a rope around my neck and made another loop for my hands. I was wearing borrowed pantyhose, of course. I don’t remember if I was wearing pantyhose on my arms or if I gagged myself. Usually I did.

Then I inserted my wrists in the loop dangling behind my back, laid on a sofa and tugged a bit. The hands got gently trapped by the loop, but the same happened with my neck. My neck bulged and I was just in time to undo the wrist loop and free my neck before I blacked out.

And that was pretty scary. Yes, exciting at the same time, but … never again …

Another incident was related to self-mummification. I was a bit older. Something like 13 or 14. Same clothes as always: sheer nylon pantyhose on legs, arms and head, one-piece swimsuit, a gag made out of a plastic bag. Also I was using a plastic bag as a condom. I think I was wearing something opaque on my head. Very thick pantyhose? A cotton bag? I don’t remember, but I was blindfolded.

I looped rope around my legs and upper body. On the other end of the rope I made a simple cinch noose for my hands (a plain loop, not the one-way only). Then I laid on a piece (2x3m) of a sort canvas, inserted the wrists into the loop behind my back, tugged, grabbed the side of the canvas and begin rolling.

Underneath the canvas I laid out a 5m long exercising rubber rope-like band. One end was bound to a piano, another one to my hand. The idea was to: roll, crawl back and tug (to keep the band under tension), roll, crawl back and tug, etc. The rubber band would go up and down my legs and torso to immobilize my cocooned body.

Pretty smart, I would say, for a kid. But after the second or the third turn I realized that I could barely breath. I rotated in the wrong direction, skewed the canvas so the non-breathable material covered my head entirely!

Fortunately I could quickly roll back, and safely complete my self-bondage scenario afterwards.

So, again, I’m not into asphyxiation. Asphyxiation and breath play are not for selfbondage.

Also see Self-Bondage, fetish and Children forum thread.

32 thoughts on “Breath control art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part V
Kids, self-bondage and asphyxia”

  1. Hi Ra

    I have the very same desires, concerns and scares!

    You know I do the vac-bag self bondage thing (see forum MJ-SB02 2009) and am very, very careful.

    I have had one very close call with a simple clingfilm/saran wrap head wrap (again story in the forum under Gags (and Hoods) – A personal view) so know that I’d rather be alive and frustrated than dead!

    I think i know why I’m attracted to plastic and the ‘bagging’ area – it’s all about enclosure and encasement. I can not easily describe the feeling of being totally encased in plastic or nylon – but it is very nice and I enjoy it.


  2. I always appreciate these posts. I’m still hoping to come to this blog one day and find an awesome all-encompassing single piece of equipment that makes immobilizing self-bondage with a timed release simple. Not just a lock, but a full body suit or bag or something that can be closed without help and restrictive. I hope someone invents it, and I come across it!

  3. I like some of these images. But whenever the fight for breething is obvious, I don’t like it anymore. I like the idea of breathing difficulty, but this might be the result of liking soft materials covering my mouth and nose. One of my oldest fetishes besides bondages is hoods, especially worn the wrong way, covering the face. This restricts breathing to a certain extent and when it is too much, I stop such games instantly.

    Another aspect of breath control is indeed the natural excitement of it, at least to men. For some reason, asphyxiated men (not sure about wome) get sexually excited. Men who died on the gallows the slow way usually had a hard dick. And before the invention of plastic bags, self-hanging for sexual stimulation was indeed much more popular than today.

    Back to the images: I would really love a latex or pvc hood, that covers mouth and nose tightly, without restricting breathing. Also some hood that expands and tightens with breething would be great, with the same requirement though.

  4. Search “breathing hood” and you’ll find plenty of those hoods that expand and tighten with breathing.

  5. These hoods are what I mean. Of course you are forced to re-breathe the same air over and over again, so it is as deadly as non-expandable hoods. Just a fantasy to me.

  6. glad to see my art is still being viewed. I drew all the images on this gallery except 49 and 57. Sure wish I could have made the Plastik Fetish Report a real magazine =)


  7. Oooohhh!!!! baggedh20! The great artist himself!!! I wish I could find more of your art, but this is all I have. Really good things are rare. And I’m not the only one who is looking for your work 😉

  8. If virtual reality technology advances far enough, we might get to the point where you can set up any of these situations with no actual threat.

  9. I once pulled a plastic body length bag over a pink fleece body length bag, crawled inside, and attached the end to a vacuum cleaner hose, with a safety switch inside, and turned on the vacuum. The interior pink fleece bag contracted around me, squeezing me tighter and tighter within it’s heavenly pink softness. I tried to squirm, wiggle, scratch and claw, but the lovingly soft pinkness held me tight, and breathing was impossible. My heart speeded up, and then slowed, and my hearing began to flutter with each heartbeat. It was such a sexual turn on, and soft fluffy pinkness seemed to burn into my brain, and it seemed to stretch into infinity. Everywhere I looked, there was only sweet pink! At the last moment, I turned off the vacuum pressure, and struggled to the bag/hose opening for air!

  10. Pink fleece footed pajamas in size extra large double wide serve nicely in the following suffocation scenario. Tape three trash bags together, then stretch into the footed pajamas backwards to just over your ankles, and drop them to the floor. Now inflate the large plastic bag, and seal it at your neck, using a long sock to tie it snugly at your neck. Now reach down, and pull the footed pajamas over the plastic bag. The neck of the footed pajamas should be sewed shut beforehand. Pull the inside of the footed pajamas neck over your head, and stretch the pink material over you. Now that you are encased within the stretchy pink softness, lie on a bed, and enjoy your slow suffocation in the soft pink bubble/womb. Struggle if you like, and the sensation will drive you wild! It like being a fetus in a woman’s womb, but the womb is one of heavenly soft pinkness. You can always begin to escape, if you feel danger!

  11. I lost the track of actions in the middle somewhere. Do you have any pictures/photos? If yes, feel free to create a new thread in the forum and please upload them there. That would be a great help.

  12. Another of my suffocation scenarios involves inflating a body length plastic bag and sealing it at the neck, and stretching two pink fleece bags over the inflated one and crawling down into and between the heavenly soft fleecy pinkness. Pink is chosen because it visually and psychologically relaxes the pleasure seeking big baby and because it is the natural color of the inside of a woman. The pressure of the inner inflated bag will press the pink fleeciness all over you naked body, and the sensation will be sensual and overpowering. Within 30 minutes, warmth, tingling, sluggishness of motor control, dizziness, and finally euphoria will flood over you in heavenly soft pink waves, as you spasmodically struggle in ecstacy. Don’t stay too long, however, because within ten more minutes, it will be too late to struggle, too late to resist, only cry out from within the pinkness, as you slowly slip away into a heavenly soft pink heaven from which there is no return! Perhaps an assistant would be in order for this very sensual and overpowering experience. Prepare to give up your sexual identity during the process, but don’t worry, because the heavenly soft pinkness is thirsty, and will hungrily soak up, suck away, and absorb all that excitement produces. Screams of pleasure from within the pinkness are not uncommon, especially during the last 15 minutes or so. ENJOY, BUT REMEMBER THAT THE SENSATIONS ARE SUBTLE, VERY SENSUAL, AND OVERPOWERINGLY IRESISTABLE, in their ability to render the participant COMPLETELY HELPLESS. So SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE!

  13. message for Like Ra: My ultimate sexual fantasy is to be engulfed inside a pink female blob, and have her seduce me, and then slowly suffocate, digest and absorb me within her heavenly soft pinkness! My artificial creation documented above is the closest to reality that can be envisioned!

  14. I have at last invented the perfect suffocation mechanism. I stretch into a pair of pink fleece footed pajamas, and then I taka an extra large pair and turn them upside down, and backwards, and place my legs into the arms, and stretch them too my waist, then I take one last pair of large pink fleece footed pajamas, and stretch them over the last pair normally to my waist Now I take a pink fleece coverlet and stretch it over my nose and mouth, tying it in back. Now I inflate 4 trash bags that have been taped together, and seal my neck in them, tying it with a sock. Now, I stretch my arms inside the upside down pajamas until my hands are pressing against the end of the footed legs and pull the pajamas over my shoulder. Lastly, I stretch my arms into the last pair of pink fleece footed pajamas until my fleecy arms and hands slip through the arms of the last pair, and then lie on a bed, and carefully zip up the outer pair of footed pajamas, and breathe normally. I am totally encased in heavenly soft pink fleece now, and the air entering my throat has a sensation of coolness to it, and there is no feeling of suffocation. As my air gets thinner and thinner, I grow numb within the heavenly soft pinkness, and begin to slowly hear a fluttering noise with each heartbeat,which grows louder and louder as nature takes its course! I scream with sexual desire, as I give up my juices within all that heavenly soft pinkness, and still, the oxygen gets thinner and thinner, cool and comforting! Finally, before I lose all feeling in my extremities, and succumb to unconsciousness, I slowly unzip the outer pair of pajamas, and with my encased hands, pull the sock off my neck, and the inflated bag too! BELIEVE ME, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SUFFOCATION MECHANISM. PLEASE USE CAUTION IF YOU DECIDE TO DUPLICATE IT BECAUSE THERE IS AN UNCONTROLLABLE DESIRE TO WAIT LONGER AND LONGER AS THE SENSATIONS FLOOD MY BRAIN WITH PLEASURE!

  15. Big Baby ” wrote:

    Finally, before I lose all feeling in my extremities, and succumb to unconsciousness, I slowly unzip

    This is the most important part. People die from not being in time or not being able to.

  16. Thank You Like Ra for your thoughtful concern! I always am careful to escape before the overpoweringly pleasurable heavenly soft pinkness can make me helpless! The sensations experienced are like Heaven On Earth, and a taste of them can be very addictive!

  17. To: Like ra; Please know that my mechanism has a very reliable means of escape, and I have full control of the time involved in experiencing the sexual sensations! If necessary, I can skip the outer footed pajamas unzipping, and pull away the sock and inflated bag with my hands totally encased within heavenly pink fleecy softness! again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATE COMMENTS! I WILL NEVER allow this mechanism to take me!

  18. After careful consideration I have re-named my mechanism “The Ultimate Sexual Plesure Mechanism” because it’s purpose is to duplicate the fantasy of being slowly suffocated, digested, and absorbed inside a pink female fleece blob! I have carefully conducted a scientific study of the timeline within it, and the sensations the pleasure seeker would feel. The total time from bagging to complete helplessness would be approximately 50 minutes. Depending on the physical strength and will power of the pleasure seeker, the first 30 minutes would be relatively safe. This would be followed by a 5 minute window of escape opportunity, and then approximately 15 minutes of increasing helplessness! The sensations in order of occurance would be warmth, tingling, sluggishness of motor control, confusion, and finally a merciful sensation of euphoria! Because of a lack of knowledge, I estimate that I accidentally remained inside the mechanism for 6 and one half minutes, the first time. Now after careful repeated scientific use, I will be able to provide you with a detailed report of everything that I saw and felt within the mechanism in my next report!

  19. THIS IS MY FINAL REPORT on my artificial pink fleece female blob pleasure mechanism. I have made a modification which increases safety, and allows the pleasurable sensations and experiences to remain. The outer pink bondage footed pajamas have been replaced with a pink fleece bag, sewn shut lengthwise and at the end. After my neck and face have been encased, and wearing two pair of pink fleece footed pajamas, the inner pair turned outside in for softness, i slip into my pink fleece bag, and stretch the sides around me totally,and wrap the end around my neck, and lie on the bed. With every intake of cool air, the pink bag seems to have a feeling of contraction, as my chest expands within it. The minutes tick by, and then comes the warmth and tingling, slowly intensifying and moving upward toward my neck. The sensation is like ecstacy, but this is only the beginning of what is to come. I softly wiggle my arms and hands within the pinkness, and stretch my neck from side to side in the heavenly soft pinkness encasing my head. Now the warmth and tingling reaches a cresindo of intensity, and i feel a warmth between my legs, growing stronger, and stronger. As i stretch and begin to squirm, kick, scrtch, and claw within the pink bag,suddenly my juices explode in spasms, and the footed pajamas soak up, and absorb eveything! The sensual sensation associated with the loss of my liquids is overwhelming, and leaves me totally exhausted, and now my movements seem less coordinated, and much weaker. I lie there relaxing, and thinking about escape, and suddenly, a gradual confusion begins to envelop me, and sensing the danger, i move my tingling arms and hands upward to my neck with the thought of pulling away the pink bag, and then the pink fleecy faciel coverlet, and finally,the inflated plastic bag. The confusion is growing stronger now, but cannot stop me from escaping, but there is one final sensation i now experience, and suddenly realize that its purpose is to delay me, to flood me with such sensual ecstacy, that i will be unable to overcome or resist the helplessness it produces, as my air gets thinner and thinner,”EUPHORIA”! I am physically strong, and strong willed also, and grasp the pink fleece bag at the neck, and pull it away. The sensation of euphoria floods over me now, and the sensation of confusion mixes with it, in one final attempt to get me to relax and enjoy these sensations, but i overcome them while wildly kicking, and squirming with desire inside the heavenly soft pink fleece bag as i undo the sealing sock around the inflated plastic bag, and am free at last! My scientific approach to sexual ecstacy has been realized, with unbelievable results! The slow suffocation symbolizes engulfment. The warmth and tingling symbolize digestion, and the confusion and euphoria symbolize absorption. TO THE READER OF THIS FINAL REPORT: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE THIS MECHANISM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. THE SENSATIONS EXPERIENCED, ARE SUBTLE, OVERWHELMING, AND POWERFULLY SEDUCTIVE, AND THEIR PURPOSE IS TO MAKE THE PLEASURE SEEKER HELPLESS, AND WILLING TO REMAIN THAT WAY! TO LIKE RA: Please rate this mechanism in its ability to #1: Bring sexual pleasure to the participant. #2: Design as a self bondage mechanism. #3: The quality of scientific effort used, and finally #4 The ability to artifically recreate the sensations that one might experience in a sexual fantasy of slow suffocation, digestion, and absorbtion inside a female pink fleece blob.

  20. I realize this is a bit off the subject matter, but I saw on the internet, where a German woman attempted to suffocate her boyfriend using her huge breasts! She should have zipped him up with her, inside a giant pair of pink fleece footed pajamas,instead, and then breastfed him, as he helplessly squirmed, kicked, scratched and clawed within the Heavenly Soft Pink Fleecy Stretchiness! If she had had milk, the very act WOULD HAVE” BONDED THEM FOR LIFE “, and prevented her from facing criminal charges, plus would have healed any emotional problems they might have had! THE THOUGHT OF A WOMAN DOMINATING AND CONTROLLING ME THAT WAY REALLY TURNS ME ON!

  21. Big Baby, you know, well, you see, something makes me have a sneaking susposion that you love pink. i cant tell what makes me think that you love pink. just sayn’. 😉

  22. Like Ra; Finally, success! I Took a pair of large hooded pink fleece footed pajamas, pulled them on backwards. Now generously swallowed some vicks, then stretched a pink fleece pillowcase around my face, and neck, and secured it tight with a sock, then stretched the pink fleece footed pajamas hood over my face, and neck, and using the pajama sleeves, tied it tight against the inner pillowcase fleece, then swabbed the outer pink fleece hood with more vicks, then took the open end of my body length plastic bag, with outer pink fleece bag, and using a table fan, inflated the inner bag, then quickly encased my neck in it, and tied it off with a sock. I then laid on my bed, and taking the end of the inflated pink fleece bag, pulled it under my hips, until it formed a giant pink bubble over me,then place my arms, and shoulder within the footed pajamas, and stretched the material over me until I was completely encased! Breathing normally, and with each breath, the heavenly soft fleece tightened against my entire body, from the hips, upward doing its its work, while the vicks gave a sensation of cold oxygenated pleasure, as My air got thinner and thinner. As I staired upward into the beautiful, heavenly soft fleecy pinkness pressing against My face, I Instintively staired through it, as My extremities grew numb and tingly! I pressed My face backward, and stretched backward, and at the same time, inhaled the cold heavenly soft air, and then relaxed and exhaleded, continuing this rithym as nature began to take its course! The feeling of complete hermetical pink fleecy encasement squeezing Me all over, as My oxygen got thinner and thinner, IS HEAVEN ITSELF! The pink fleecyness covering My face, appeared to grow visually fuzzy, and complete helplessness, and inability to coordinate struggling , and resistance, grew, and grew at the same time! I KNEW THAT IF I STAYED TOO LONG, confusion and pleasure would ultimately rob Me of the ability to remember how to extract My body from the pink pajama!, resulting in a slow blacking out within the heavenly pink fleece softness! Even numb fingers, and arms have the ability to successfully struggle, and exit such a heavenly pink soft womb of Love, IF USED IN TIME!

  23. You Are Right; Pink is my favorite color, and pink fleece is my favorite material that I want to suckle all over me, as I moan and squirm in ecstasy within, before being digested and absorbed forever!!!!!

  24. The ultimate sexual high in my Opinion, is being slowly suffocated within heavenly pink fleecy softness, and then be digested and absorbed in fleecy pinkness!

  25. Somewhere in the universe, there must be a pink fleece blob, which is starving for a baby like me to feed upon! I can just imagine stretching into a heavenly soft super thick pink fleece diaper and fleece footed pajamas, dressed appropriately for the feeding of my wildest dreams! I would also not object to Mama Blob keeping me as as her permanent pregnancy, forever and ever! I would be a good baby, and make her very happy, so much so that she would never want to deliver me, and be forever pregnant! I Wonder Just How Big She Might Get, If I Grew And Grew, making her pregnancy last years and years!

  26. How do you duplicate this, can you go by it step by step? Cause i’d really like to try this.

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