Kids and bondage, men and clothes, and self-bondage mood

This is what is currently being discussed in the forum:

What clothes is appropriate for men and what is not? Why? Would you dare? See Men in “inappropriate” clothing.

What “stimuli” work for you? Do you need motivation or encouragement? What gives your imagination a “push”? See What gets you in the self-bondage mood.

Where did you see bondage for the first time? When you were a kid? In a book? On the TV? See Bondage in TV-Series.

Latex clothes in usual “vanilla” shops? See Rubber at Top Shop.

Do you have a self-bondage safety person? Can you call anybody to help you out of the self-inflicted predicament should anything go wrong or to check “just in case”? See Mad idea involving the bolero armbinder.

Men in pantyhose/tights? See here.

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