Inflatable bondage chairI was browsing through Internet shops and stumbled upon Inflatable Bondage Chair. Nothing extraordinary or extravagantly expensive but rather cheap PVC inflatable toy with six “glued-in” velcro straps: ankles, wrists and elbows. The chair costs $24 and can be used “normally” to watch TV, read a book, serve as a clothes “rack” in a teenagers room (or just relax after a heavy bondage scene ;-)

But my “self-bondagely” twisted mind always seeks methods to restrain my latex clad body. And here’s the idea…

  • put you favourite fetish clothes on
  • insert whatever you find reasonably sized in whatever you find appropriate
  • connect the to a remote controlled air pump
  • sit in the deflated chair and lock the restraints (since the chair is deflated you should be able to easily do that)
  • turn the pump on
  • when the chair is inflated you will be unable to undo the wrist restraints
  • Voila! You are bound!

But before you follow these steps it would be nice to devise a was to deflate the chair after a period of time. Since nothing obvious came to the above mentioned mind, I did not put this method in the Ideas or Technique sections (use menu on the left). Any ideas?