Inflatable Bondage Chair and Self-Bondage

Inflatable bondage chairI was browsing through Internet shops and stumbled upon Inflatable Bondage Chair. Nothing extraordinary or extravagantly expensive but rather cheap PVC inflatable toy with six “glued-in” velcro straps: ankles, wrists and elbows. The chair costs $24 and can be used “normally” to watch TV, read a book, serve as a clothes “rack” in a teenagers room (or just relax after a heavy bondage scene 😉

But my “self-bondagely” twisted mind always seeks methods to restrain my latex clad body. And here’s the idea…

  • put you favourite fetish clothes on
  • insert whatever you find reasonably sized in whatever you find appropriate
  • connect the to a remote controlled air pump
  • sit in the deflated chair and lock the restraints (since the chair is deflated you should be able to easily do that)
  • turn the pump on
  • when the chair is inflated you will be unable to undo the wrist restraints
  • Voila! You are bound!

But before you follow these steps it would be nice to devise a was to deflate the chair after a period of time. Since nothing obvious came to the above mentioned mind, I did not put this method in the Ideas or Technique sections (use menu on the left). Any ideas?

11 thoughts on “Inflatable Bondage Chair and Self-Bondage”

  1. By cdinbonds @ BoundAnna

    If the chair has an inflation valve like most inflatable toys, there may be a flap inside which prevents “backflow” during inflation, and also makes it harder to deflate. Not a big issue, just needs something to hold the flap open. My thought is to use a “T” shaped fitting (with a small projection to hold the flap open) between the pump and the valve. plug one side of the T, and hook the pump to the other side. The plug is a slip fit, attached to a heavy weight that is released by the tried and true ice in a stocking method. The pump fills the chair, and hopefully when it shuts down, maintains the pressure in the chair. When the ice melts, the weight drops and pulls the plug from the T, allowing the chair to deflate. You could possibly eliminate the T and just pull the pump free, if there is no flap in the valve.

    Another possibility (riskier for the chair), is cut a valve from another toy,like a beach ball, and let the weight pull it open. You would have to make a small hole in the chair, and glue the valve over it. Pump in one valve, release through the other.

    Looking closer at the description and pictures, I am wondering if it will be possible to escape, even after it deflates. I suppose there may be enough slack to reach from one side to the other when fully deflated, but I think I’d want to have a second option available, especially the first time!

  2. Probably every inflatable thing (like a mattress or a big ball) can be used for (self)bondage. All necessary restraints can be glued at any desirable place.

    Here’s another idea. All cheap inflatables tend to leak. The leakage can be “enhanced” by puncturing a small hole and reinforcing it with a rubber patch.

  3. By bound_jenny @ BoundAnna

    Or you could puncture it, glue on a tube with a valve (one you can turn to close or open the flow), and fix up some kind of timed release (ice or other) that will put the valve or an attached pull string in reach after a preset time period.

  4. I have a simple solution. Create a loop in a rope or string, and bundle the other side up and freeze it in a bowl of water. Place the looped end underneath the velcro. Suspend the ice from a loop (or series of loops) in the ceiling, directly above you. Make sure to be absolutely certain you have enough rope/string for the end to reach you. Pull the end when it reaches you, and it should undo one of the hand straps, thus allowing you to undo the others by hand.

  5. Here’s an idea. What if you, naturally, hooked up the pump, but on a wall-timer, set so that it’ll inflate after you get in snug, but not so you can’t escape as-is. Then, providing your pump can inflate the [insert thing here], you will be inflated with it. However, in the line to the valve on the toy or device, you put a simple positive-pressure valve. This is a pneumatic valve that is closed if there is more pressure within the valve than outside. However, one should take care to choose a valve that will open when the pressure of the device alone is present, but not when the pump itself is still running. If there is a problem, one could turn over the device so the pressure would be greatly reduced from one’s own body-weight, or simply create a secondary release mechanism, depending on the restraints in place.

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