Latex balloons and selfbondage

Here’s an idea. I wonder if such latex balloons can be used for self-bondage. If the balloons are as tight as in the description what about a hogtie position? Not exactly strict bondage, but if the lube dries out a bit it should be very difficult to get out.

Do you know the approximate sizes of the balloon and the opening? I will ask the site owners…

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  1. Hi
    These Latex Balloons are very small. I’ve already bought two of them. The first time I didn’t use enough lube and so the balloon damages. The second time I have no problems to get in, but, as you wrote, the lube dries and when I was trying to get out it, the Ballon broke again.

    The sizes and a lower price you can find here: Orion Shop

    Greetings Balthasar

  2. Actually, it’s more expensive there, at Orion. 49.95€ is 77.43$ (vs. 68$ here)

    OK, so the size is Ø58 cm, opening is ~Ø16 cm. 58cm is indeed not big :-\ I have definitely seen rubber balloons bigger than that, will dig through the bookmarks.

    About the damage. What happens if you use two balloons one inside another? Will it be possible to get in and out?

  3. I have some of these baloons. I have put jade in them. I am not sure how to post pictures, so send me an e-mail and I will reply with the pictures!

  4. Thanks Patrick, will do!
    You can upload pictures into the forum (a bit awkward, but it works).
    Another possibility is to publish them somewhere and use standard HTML codes (img) to make them appear in your posts.

  5. google on a european site for “climb in balloons”. they are 35euros and have large opening. when air sucked out in hogtie they are nearly inescapable unless fingers are free to pinch/rip latex.

  6. An interesting video about a girl, transparent latex balloon and her not really understanding it.

  7. Hmm, didn’t even think of the option of embedding the video 🙂 Thanks for adding it. I just love the innocence of this situation and the way that balloon eventually traps her… So many ideas…

  8. Very cute! I think, she knows exactly what is going to happen, but you can see, that this is fun, not torture!

    I had two balloons like this, one of similar size, one a bit longer. Both got destroyed quickly, because I “found” some small hard objects on my playground. I might eventually buy a new one. I suppose, it is also a matter of quality. I paid almost 120 Euro for 2 hours of fun, that is a lot of money. Perhaps a good balloon at 120 Euro could last much longer.

  9. Oh, the questions:

    The neck opening stretches enough to let me in, this must be more than one meter of circumference. I liked the one on the first image, it has a long neck, which keeps the air inside very well. Some ebay offers have precise measurements. Real Latex is supposed to stretch to 800% of its original size, but then it might break very easily.

  10. Ghostless ” wrote:

    Hmm, didn’t even think of the option of embedding the video 🙂

    I think it’s only me who can do that anyway 😉 Youtube should work for non-admins too.

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