Ballet boots lockable clothes and simple inescapable bondage

latex catsuit ballet boot bondage Published on: Sep 14, 2010 @ 3:26
We already discussed “simple bondage” and “lockable clothes“. Look at the photo. What a brilliant idea to combine both!

You can’t remove either ballet boots or the rest of the clothes (a latex catsuit with some insertables is an obvious choice here). You won’t be able to walk on these crazy heels, the only “stable” possibility is to crawl on all fours.

Other possibilities? Hmm.. A latex hood with a gag. Or an open mouth latex hood with a ring gag.

Just add some incentives. What do you think they can be? ;-P

Photo by Raymond Kerrin Larum

latex catsuit ballet boot bondage

20 thoughts on “Ballet boots lockable clothes and simple inescapable bondage”

  1. im thinking DEFINITELY a gag, probably a ball gag (my fav) with some sort of blindfold and some other stuff

    are there more pictures?

  2. Leach ” wrote:

    I think that here glasses complete the photo.

    Yes, second that. Indeed, remove the glassed and a part of the effect will disappear. The glasses can be replaced with a gag, for example.

  3. 1. The photo is from latexperiment (google bless ya).
    2. Gags, hoods?!! Take off the glasses and this charming hair lock and smile – and you murder THE pic.

  4. Billy ” wrote:

    2. Gags, hoods?!! Take off the glasses and this charming hair lock and smile – and you murder THE pic.

    True, absolutely, but I’m not talking about the photo here. “Gags and hoods” are for practical usage only 😉

  5. I have been reading a few SB forums and there is a way to tie shoes onto hands:

    You need laced shoes, possibly with a shaft – so the hands are really trapped. Instead of the laces, use cable binders on each pair of holes. If you want to wear a gag, you need a device to close the cable binders.

    Of course, this would work with a lot of laced items.

    By the way, some cable binders can be opened with a pin which has to be inserted where the strap end enters the locking device (loop side).

    The trickiest part is the release, as you can’t really handle a cutting tool with your hands in shoes. A knife in a bench vice should do though.

  6. Maybe its offtopic but try this with standard boots on

  7. Just in case. You may have noticed that the gallery has been removed (following Raymond K. Larum’s complain). However, he allowed to use one photo.

  8. Also on Alexandra Potter’s website she has some sort of metal collar, any ideas on what that is?

  9. A great idea, but difficult for self bondage as u can’t do laces up tight on ur hands. A couple of pairs of thick black rubber household gloves does however make it very difficult to extract ur hands once u have pushed them in.

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