Aino Kishi in shiny water polo swimsuit - asi-02See Part II, Part III.

Nice to know that it’s not only me who noticed the fetish nature of water polo swimsuits (see, for example, this post). While surfing through Japanese sites I discovered a series of “Admired Swimming Instructor” (“憧れの競泳水着インストラクタ”) videos featuring Aino Kishi (希志 あいの). What a cute girl! This is her blog (in Japanese, of course), if you’re interested.

You can buy the video here on eBay when it’s available again (it’s quite rare and quickly disappears) then sell off eBay when you make a copy ;-) But for those curious around I have attached some vidcaps and Flash video (a bit distorted, though) below. Will post more later.

Needless to say that I absolutely love that swimsuit (Aino Kishi is a different story ;-). Any clues where such suits can be bought?