How to make a rope shorter for easy storage

If you have long ropes (it does not matter why, for sailing, mountain climbing, camping, shibari, etc) sooner or later you will need to organize them somehow. Preferably without entangling, One obvious solution is to coil them up. But can you uncoil 10-20m rope without “spontaneous knots”? And what if you have a “collection” of 2,3,5,10,12,15,20m? Unmanageable spaghetti!

The method I use makes a rope 11 times shorter. In the example below I use a 408cm rope and transform it into a 38cm long braid. And look how easy and fast you can “unbraid” the plait (or unplait the braid).

Step by step. (And do not forget to check the video below.)

The figure of 8 method:

The Lark’s head method:

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