Beautiful legs do exist!

Those “who understand” know that beautiful legs (as, actually, any “state-of-the-art” things) are very rare. Whatever you see on the streets, TV, in magazines can be (or are) nice, pretty, sexy, funny but only few of them you can call beautiful.

I’ve just had such an experience. My wife and I were in a supermarket “Jumbo” (Utrecht), when I notice Her: tall (about 180-185cm), short grey skirt (~30cm above the knees), high grey boots (~20cm below the knees) on low heels (~4-5cm), graphite (the colour that is) glass-shiny(!) ~20den pantyhose and gorgeous legs (ideal shape with narrow knees).

I immediately showed her to my wife (an expert in human proportions) and she confirmed 😉 The ankles could not be seen, but we decided:”Let them be also perfect”.

Unfortunately I did not have a photo camera with me, but under low light I don’t think the photos would turn out good. Anyway, she made my day.

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