Stockings addicted ladies or red and black

red cape black pantyhose white socks My experience shows that most women (unlike men) do not like pantyhose. Moreover, women hate pantyhose, they call them abominable piece of clothes which should be avoided. But to my surprise I stumble upon exception after exception (my wife and daughter do not count, because they are converted by my efforts ;-). And during the last couple of days I’ve browsed through a huge amount of pantyhose/stockings/lingerie addicted ladies.

I’ve grabbed some interesting photos, but since they all were cited many times, I can’t say to whom the photos belong. Owners, please chime in.

Meanwhile see the first two photos. I think her name is Denny.

4 thoughts on “Stockings addicted ladies or red and black”

  1. I’m really seeing a turn around in this regard, in the last two years, the popular fashion here in the us has turned from jeans jeans jeans to jeans leggings jeans and now its very common for me to see jeans tights pantyhose (by that i mean if i see girls, one will be wearing jeans, one tights, etc)

    its very good, but i simply hate the cottony leggings (link) that only go to the ankles, fortunately those arent as popular as footed tights now

  2. clam wrote:

    i simply hate the cottony leggings

    Agree, I can’t stand them either. Why not to wear shiny latex-look ones? Just like all the celebrities nowadays?

    clam wrote:

    I’m really seeing a turn around in this regard

    The “proper” fashion returns, that’s true. Jeans will always be popular, no doubts, but the “bare legs” style is slowly giving up.

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