They wear pantyhose in Miami, Florida. Part II

Erika in mini dress and black opaque pantyhoseSee Part I

Anybody here from Miami? How often do you see girls wearing tights and mini skirts or mini dresses NOT on parties or discos? 😉

This is what Erika (the owner of Fashion Chalet) wrote: “I breathe and dream in fashion. … according to my mood and inspiration” As a result she has (let me count) 2093 followers (what makes her a fashion leader 😉 and number 9 in top100 fashion sites.

Whatever (her “favourite” word) she wears (some would call it “something I would not want to be found dead in”, some dream about it but will never dare to wear, some would indeed look ridiculous in it) it is in the perfect harmony with her personality. Whether it lace pantyhose, lamé leggings, leather trousers, faux fur or tights with no skirt. And suddenly you realize that you can’t imagine her wearing anything different. Until you see her next photo.

See what I mean? “Whatever” you do, if you do it as naturally as you breathe… OK, you got it.

3 thoughts on “They wear pantyhose in Miami, Florida. Part II”

  1. looks cool ra
    whats your opinion on her boot/heels? (lots of girls wear those at my school)

  2. Clam, it depends on what they were wearing the boots with. I can’t comment about the quality without seeing the boots in person 😉

    Deepblue, my point ;-). On the other hand, I saw no photos of Erika in thin pantyhose. It’s always opaque tights or leggings. One exception is lace pantyhose. If she does not need to make her legs be in a particular colour, or to make her silhouette stand out, or if it’s warm enough – she goes bare legged.

    How cold can it be over there? She’s wearing woolen gloves on the photo.

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