iPod mp3 vibrator OhMiBodHow to turn boring chores into something less annoying? Turn TV or radio on. Or if you on the move (jogging, traveling, shopping) your mp3 player or a portable radio.

Next step is to make it not only bearable but enjoyable. (This is basically, why I added the Spice It Up section)

Fetish clothes is one of the solutions. OhMiBod is another. The idea is simple and genial: a vibrator (you can chose the shape and the size) is operated by the output of your mp3 player, computer (do you like computer games with lots of explosions?) or anything with a 3mm jack.

Moreover, the Bodytalk version is activated by calls made to or from your mobile phone (it will vibrate in a preprogrammed pattern). Think of someone (you? ) in bondage (in self-bondage?) with such a remote controlled vibrator!

More ideas? Sure! Alarm clock. Bundled in your operating system sound effects, e.g. keyboard clicks. Learning foreign languages (you will know how the words vibrate!)

You have you own ideas? Let us know!

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