Where: the item, the seller.

What:A hand crafted bondage bench with time release handcuffs from DD Machinery. This bench is made of beautifully sanded and painted 2×4 wood, covered with two inches of foam padding, topped off with a soft, smooth, but durable vinyl.

There are two timers mounted on the side of the bench. One timer acts as a back up for the other. There are two eye bolts mounted near the ankle. First you will lock your ankles to the eye bolts using leather handcuffs, and a padlock. You will than drop the keys to the padlock on the floor in reach. Now set the time on both timers to the desired time of bondage. (10-60 minutes) Next grab the hand held remote control, and insert your wrist into the two handcuffs, and allow the handcuffs to close. Next push the button on the remote control. The two solenoids mounted on the side of the bench will than activate, and lock the handcuffs closed. Press the button on the remote control again, and the handcuffs will open. So if you were to lock the handcuffs, and drop the remote control on the floor, you will than be at the mercy of the two timers to get released, The solenoids are powered by electricity, and will open automatically in the event of a power failure. There Is plenty of space to add additional eye bolts if you like.

Why: Mostly because it’s a complete and quite comfortable solution. You can even sleep in this position. And, if you like, other flavours can be added. Think of a f*cking machine, a long dildo mounted in the front, enema equipment, various vibrators or e-stim devices and timers.