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Because this blog crosses over with parts of my other blogs, sometimes it is necessary to cover some ground in the others not least as the way I present as a Adult Little is strongly connected to my gender identity the discussion of with its related elements what this blog is about.
Next week I'll look more around different sorts of Transgendered Identity and the subdivisions of 'Crossdressing' while trying not to get the fur flying.
I mentioned last week around how being a feminine boy growing up (at least by the calendar) had it's difficulties and how it was I would of much preferred to present as myself back then.
In age regressed little life, that need from the past is addressed as meeting my inner need of the present, to 'regress' although it has to be said frankly the buffers on my development are as such I'm never fully adult anyway.
In that context then, as a feminine boy I dress in the uniform traditionally associated with school girls when I'm not wearing casual mainly girls clothing not unlike that in this illustration, except for not wearing a straw boater hat and that my socks are more contemporary girls with bows.
Otherwise it is pretty much as depicted with full 'gym' knickers, white blouse, grey (or black) pinafored tunic and tie and actually I look great in it!
Feminizing me in that way makes a lot of sense as it is something I feel very at ease in, is easy for me to put on with some work on the occupational therapy side to find ways of fastening zips for myself to promote independence.
It also connects in with being under adult supervision in that if I'm with anyone, then it's a requirement for me to be in uniform unless otherwise instructed and to fit in and contribute to everything that happens. It serves as a reminder therefore of my role and ties to a need for a more supported and prepared to submit to authority situation.
One of the biggest differences between this and any kind of adult sissy situation is that for however long I may be in littles mode, everything that would be off limits to an actual child IS off-limits so there would be no sexual or bsdm related kinks in with it with the exception of spanking which was a part of my childhood era and by consent is a part of my age regression relationships with those who act as Caregivers and that for both of us is and NEVER will be sexual.
Wed, Apr 11, 2018
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Tue, Apr 10, 2018
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Mon, Apr 09, 2018
Source: Tights fetish
One reason I love the fact we're in 2018 and not 2008 never mind 1978 is we've come a long long way in how we see both physical sex -it's no longer just about having either a penis and vagina but includes other parts - and gender is we increasingly no longer see being feminine as being tied to just being the owner of that vagina nor being masculine to have a penis.
We recognize to differing extends that the debate around gender is no longer just about being one OR the other that actually we move to differing degrees between such gender roles and identities and that some may not even see themselves as having a single specific gender identity being "agenda".
It's also worth reminding ourselves that gender of itself has nothing to do with sexuality or orientation and people can be non sexual , asexual as well as sexual in several differing ways.
In the past there were three groups of people, people of the female sex and people of the male sex both of which were relatively happy in being feminine or masculine respectively and people who felt their gender did not match their sex and so desired reassignment so their sex matched their gender so they could function as themselves in society.
In the transitional period, they were and still are called Transexuals who upon transitional to the point of being "for all intents and purposes" male in the case of Female to Male or Female in the case of Male to Female.
Those people are clearly within the tradition binary of male and female sex equating to masculine or feminine gender.
Today we see this is a much wider issue as some people do feel for example more masculine by gender even though as people of the female sex they have no plans to change their sex and equally some born as males by sex do feel more feminine who may perform roles that are allied to females or dress in traditionally feminine ways because that's them but don't have the gender dysphoria and the psychological need to rid themselves of their male sex organs, grow breasts and maybe get a surgical vagina.
Some while mainly in one camp may fluctuate between the two which comes under the term "Gender Fluid" which is not an overnight discovery but something little attention had been focused on. Gender Fluidity can fall within Transgender too because of that.
The buzz around Transexual possibly obscured that for some it wasn't a 180 degree shift to align sex and gender they were looking for.
* That I WANTED to wear at the time although I liked longer socks.
For me personally this was the case during a period of time that was as painful exploring transexuality as it was living in the binary world of the 70's and 80's classroom because while I felt feminine on the whole, I could and do move toward the masculine as well and who had no issue with some boys clothes such as shorts which were a part of infant and junior school and to which I did wear outside of formal lessons through high school well into adulthood (or what passes for it) and did play with some boys toys.
I liked to wear my shorts as much as I'd felt comfortable in her skirt having her life and adventures as a feminine gendered defined by sex boy and would of loved to worn a pinafore to school.
I don't feel uncomfortable with my physical sex but are mainly drawn to the female which had I of had the sense to listen to what I felt in my head in my late junior, early seniors years rather than buying the prevailing you feel feminine, you want to wear a skirt you MUST be a TRANSEXUAL later on all of that misidentity would of been avoided.
What in general terms we are looking for is the acceptance that for us it is about being able to pursue the interests we have regardless of our sex but being able to present in terms of our attire as we feel being gender fluid and being able to chose with some consistency to help others the name and where gender neutral pronouns aren't available the set we feel comfortable with for people to use in our lives.
It means the next generation should have the option to join school activities where traditionally they would of been divided by gender roles where biological sex is not an issue and in schools with uniform, from that which they relate to by gender (and anyway not all girls feel comfortable with theirs so maybe a wider range for all?)
This process may go as a far as recording a third gender (gender fluid/non binary) for official purposes if officialdom requires one.
Wed, Apr 04, 2018
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Sissy Demi's Bad Little School-boy series was always a favourite of mine when it came "Sissy Caption series" not least for Chris is young and moving forward in sissy life that does go a bit more in with younger presentation which is very much a part of this thing with me plus they're pretty clean too.
Easter as you'd expect of a little sissy gurl is a BIG THING and indeed unless its kidnapped, I should be having an MASSIVE egg at the weekend as I've been good enough most of the year - not quite an angel but pretty good and I adore the EASTER BUNNY.
Wouldn't making me wear a easter bunny outfit be so fitting?
Wed, Mar 28, 2018
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Amber Teen in White Stockings
Fri, Mar 23, 2018
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Teen Princess in White Stockings
Fri, Mar 23, 2018
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Nicole In Pink Stockings
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Fri, Mar 23, 2018
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Teen Cinnamon In Black Stockings
Fri, Mar 23, 2018
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Thu, Mar 22, 2018
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