Blue pantyhose… Just shiny blue pantyhose

blue pantyhose blue leotardI have fetishes within fetishes. Some of you may know that one of them is blue pantyhose. Especially the light blue ones. And, of course, shiny. Not shiny pantyhose are boring…

So instead of posting one-two images per post, I bundled 24 together (found on the Net, very different sources). See them below. Have more? Upload in the forum 😉

Out of curiosity, this is what eBay found about blue pantyhose.

10 thoughts on “Blue pantyhose… Just shiny blue pantyhose”

  1. clam ” wrote:

    I do love that pic with the girl in a leotard and the blue tights!!

    Yeah, second that. Actually, this photo “triggered” the whole post. Via Urix.

  2. love all colors glossy ones most here are one of my blue ones


  3. Always looking for glossy tights the more glossy the better in fact got new ones here


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