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Tue, Oct 31, 2017
Source: HoseT
Hi Everyone
Well it took a little time, but here is a new piece of art. I am feeling a little sentimental and wanted to express my feelings in this piece. It is the third part in the Andy and William series which started with The Face On The Poster (below)

Then continues with Pin-up Andy (Below)
and now, A Special Request. In which William, still unaware that the beauty he dreams of is in reality the very best friend he had know all his life,.finally gets up the nerve to seek out the object of his adolescent desires at her place of work, the now famous B.O.Y Boutique. It is a meeting full of nervous embarrassment, shy glances, lingering touches and sweetly fumbled introductions.This piece makes me smile I hope you like it.XXXAndy
Mon, Oct 30, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
Hi Everyone
Once again my apologies for being slow with posting and stuff, I am sure you fell the same as I when I say I could do with a little "me" time.
Anyway lets crack on and to brighten the Autumn drizel, here is the forever awesome Jean Bardot teaching a young devotee to be careful of what she wishes for.

But hang on, have we not seen that wonderful Red and Black outfit before.

Wed, Oct 25, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
They may not necessarily be a post next week as I'll be super busy get things ready to go away for a few days in my real life littles world and my blogisphere's pretty big so you may not be only one taking a break.
There are actually on Tumblr a number of people like me more middle/little non sexual sissies who do have sfw blogs, this is quite true as I gained a couple like that following me recently and it was obvious there take has a lot in common with mine not least the age regression aspect and we're less than keen on people who are very sexual interacting with us.
A part of our Tumbling and in my instance even of mainstream blogging is a looking back at and evocation even of the state of childhood recall and in our regressed headspaces were remain in so we post about those experiences, activities and yes clothes would loved (or would of loved had people gotten our gender right) and often in adult sizes those clothes are the very things we buy although naturally we have to consider what we wear in mainstream vanilla public spaces.
I feel this is a very important part of of being a 'littles' sissy in that generally unless we move into an adult headspace, much of the stuff around sex, sexual humiliation and that you find in 'adult' sissiness isn't there. The closest it gets us us being more someones dolly to dress up while we play outside of any adult stuff.
Wed, Oct 25, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
Hi Everyone Quick update. You may have seen that I damaged myself a little the other week, well i thought it was healing, which it has been, but now it has all closed in on the area between my right side of my neck and shoulder. All very dull, however the pain I am feeling makes my sitting at a computer, arm out stretched using a mouse rather uncomfortable and therefore the mountain of ideas and things I have for art are mounting up. Anyway that is by way of explanation as to why some keen eyes spotters might notice the art below is created from a kind of greatest hits of images, which I hope you will forgive for a while.
However by the looks of it, It seems it is poor Andy who needs forgiving now, for his Aunt is once more having to chastise his sulky behavior in front of her guests and who can blame him, for he is about to become afternoon entertainment for the ladies who lunch, performing a series of dances to the rhythm of his secret toy. Hoe you likeBig hugsXXXAndy

Thu, Oct 19, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
Last week I touched that difference which is currently in the ascendancy around being both a 'little' and at the same time having a sissy side that is seamlessly connected and much of what is here is very much what loves and people like me also do.
Not for the first time though was I taken out that soft child-like state by a person who decided although I have a Before You Follow page on Tumblr explaining what I'm not comfortable with when I'm regressed followed me with post after post of sissy chastity pix with little to the imagination and sexual content.
I find the lack of respect for my boundaries which are clearly listed breathtaking as reading that or just looking to my posts would tell you this as would my best friends who being cis female with no connection to sissiness at all has even less of connection..
Just cut it out!

Wed, Oct 18, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
Hi everyone
Breaking news from the S.S.n.S news room. Long time honorary
friend of the blog Amanda Holden has now been named Honorary Gay at he Attitude awards in London over the weekend. Accepting her award she thanked the editors and voters and promised to uphold the honor of the title. (What a thought)
However It was not her acceptance that caught the eye of our roving reporters but her style, for through the keen lens of our S.S.n.S photographer we clearly see Ms Holden was embracing her secret fetishistic side in a super shiny and figure hugging, Black Latex dress and what a figure to hug, 46 years old? awesome.

Amanda Holden, Honorary Gay,
Honorary Friend,
Honorary Latex Queen.
we salute you.
Tue, Oct 17, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
It has been building into this moment for a while now – for about 13 months, to be precise, as that is when we left Finland to live and work in the tiny, scorching island of Malta. But all that was way too much for me. In the summer it was always way too warm, […]
Sun, Oct 15, 2017
Source: Project L
After last weeks bit of discourse revisited, I thought this week I'd talk more around being the kind of sissy gurl I am cos a lot of the memes and tropes don't quite work even if some truth needless to say is in them.

I am very much the little, not having the sorts of roles that an 'adult' sissy would have, even if may be of service undertaking some chores, helping out while you enjoy that lack of status I have finding things for me to do or dealing with me I'm feeling a bit naughty with a firm hand.
What I'd wear really would be something quite young'n'cute with next to no adult sophistication implied something a bit like this, making the most of my figure or may be a t shirt and short cute shorts if I was playing on the floor with stuffies or colouring away.
What I'd be wearing would be taking me away from maleness very much which I can't do while allowing my more feminine side out to reveal to set my sissy sense free while I'm diminished in status.
Wed, Oct 11, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
Hi Everyone
Sorry things might be a little slow for a while, But here is some of Christeens superb art.

PS Christeen herself will be away for the month but I hope to post more of her art in the meantime

Tue, Oct 10, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

So excited to review Item M6 first maternity tights! They will be soon available in

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Tue, Oct 10, 2017
Source: My pantyhose girl
Hi Everyone Time for a new piece of my art. This is the piece i mentioned earlier about having to do some reworking, I will not worry you about what it was, but it would have caused a bit of confusion, but no re-jigged here we are. Not that a Re-Jigging has helped poor Andys position, indeed it may have made it worse, for now Aunt Jane has called in some professional help, her nephews dressing has become a painstaking, time consuming work of polished precision and skintight perfection. Hope you likeXXXAndy

Thu, Oct 05, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....