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One thing I have been working on since arriving at Sissy School is this whole troublesome area of how to allow the adult more sexual side of me out away from the very child-like age regressed side even though we obviously share the same body so one step I have been taking is to get dressed for bed as adult me with more sexual adult bedtime attire including full frilly French knickers so there's a clear head shift.
The material is very smooth and with me is more conducive when I get the measurements spot on to bring out what my adult side needs - an arousal - and enough room to allow my dolly lolly push it's way to make its presence known ensure my sexual side kicks in.
of my adult sissy sexualityand my birth right. I have been working on how to prolong by edging and similar techniques my aroused state so I can enjoy my aroused state for longer so in the course of a night my sex organs get a good workout. 
Looking after my sexual needs as sissy is important for my mental well-being ensuring they are met as they make me feel alive but never to the point of totally dominating my thoughts.
A sissy gurl needs to feel her dolly lolly fully aroused and for it be masturbated to cum as that's where her sexual core is targeted- having those needs met.

It's always right not to sexualize the child-like side of you but not to the exclusion in an adult headspace of having those adult sexual needs met ideally daily.

From now on I will honour my adult sissy sexual needs in their own adult space.

Wed, Jun 28, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
The way in which our sissy fetish side is seen not just within the transgendered community but in the wider LGTQIA and equality movements often raises an eyebrow or lead to in case a some transsexuals and women's equality campaigners open hostility.
I feel part of this issue is due to how we don't communicate it so well and in part because of the stigma around having a sexual fetish side and being trans as if we have to be seen as either non sexual or pure vanilla to have our female side respected cos let's not forget not a few people have argued in the recent past our reason to be 'femme' is all about us wanting to be our sexual fetishized selves really as if you couldn't just feel female and have fetish side.
It may surprise some but actually a lot of people including women do have a sexual side and that involve fetishes and some role playing within relationships that doesn't cross over into how they'd like be treated at work or in the street for instance.
I'll try to explain how this comes to me as a sissy although I can't speak for all.
The whole thing with me revolves around being both feminine and in a male body who if given two whole outfits laid out in room I'd choose the feminine one every time to put on because that is my female brain going to instinct.
For me sissy fantasies are in part an exploration of sissy roles in a bedroom like setting in much the same way in a regular setting a 'couple' may explore sex play finding out more and enjoying things that ordinarily they wouldn't do or to get me to wear more revealing outfits.
One thing in both that context and in so-called forced feminization with associated erotic humiliations is both a couple and for me say a dominatrix may move into a Dominant/submissive relating pattern where we agree a 'script' of our role playing that outlines what we want from it and within it we agree to be pushed out of our regular comfort zone by the use of erotic humiliation such as being called a 'whore' or a 'sissy slut' which I do love as they push my sexual limits, knowing both how embarrassed by it I am as much as actually love what they're doing and being called a 'sissy slut'.
That's just what this thing is-there's no "force" in "Force Feminization" cos I want to project and present my feminine side, I'm just giving you the buttons to press so I go out of my usual comfort zone exploring it - not least the sexual side.
It's just a bedroom like role play really.
It isn't that I want any more than say a young couple exploring the Dom/sub of their relationship to have people in the street shout "Watch it Pansy" or go perform an sexual act on me saying "You sissies always want this" without consent or have a supervisor saying "You're such prissy sissy Candy" or "You've room to talk, He's got NO cock everyone!" in front of your colleagues.
We expect in our everyday lives to be respected as equals and champion people treating others a like it's just our 'private bedroom' role playing scene and should be no more judged on that as anyone not transgendered.

Wed, Jun 21, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
When there's barely any time for latex, life does not feel like living. Well, it does. Sort of. But still there's a huge chunk of me missing. There's almost a smaller chunk missing, too, as I was in a minor back surgery recently, and am still recovering with the wound – which means that no […]
Thu, Jun 15, 2017
Source: Project L
People argue with terms and definitions all of the time usually when they're trying to separate out from either other group that they think they are superior too or to escape a meaning someone else has applied to them.
Take 'sissified' then, it's an adjective and Mirriam-Webster has that defined as " of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a Sissy which is pretty elastic given as we've mentioned before 'sissy' has different meanings and from that differing experiences for different folk.

To me while what we tend to thing straight off when we talk about sissified in terms of presentation tends to be very sugary, pastel, frilled which is fine, it can be done in other ways just say by a alteration in hem length or the type of hose like here that is a kind of presentation as a sissy I like. Feminine but not high on pastels and lace.

For me it can include and in the same sort of outfit soft feminine panty, fitted to make the most of your bottom with a touch of lace and bows rather than plain cotton and what sissy could really say no slipping them on?
Is it so hard to say you like wearing them or being made to?

I am a SISSY and I like wearing them, when I put them on they transform me, they SISSIFY me, I present therefore in a SISSIFIED state
I am SISSIFIED and that is the correct adjective for me which I will own and allow others to use to describe me.
Wed, Jun 14, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
I've been wanting to make a pommel horse for a really long time. I just think they're pretty cool from a sculptural-furniture object standpoint, and of course they offer a myriad of perversion possibilities too… Plus this mostly came together from scrap material - I had a piece of foam sitting around, and a leather remnant that was about the right size. I just needed to purchase the 4x4 lumber for the legs, and it was off to the races.
As you can see from the photos, the structure isn't based on fine mortise-and-tenon joinery. I used the poor-man's method of wood glue and a shit-load of screws. I was fine with that, as everything but the legs gets covered with upholstery anyway. And trust me, this baby is strong and rigid. I toyed with the idea of tapering the legs, but if you see the antique versions (1stDibs usually has a great, if expensive, selection) they typically have straight (un-tapered) legs.
For the next step, I just laid the foam over the horse and wrapped it in plastic. I cut a couple of pieces from the foam to cap the ends.

Next up: duct tape. Longtime followers of this blog know that it's my preferred method for generating custom pattern shapes for complex objects.

A couple of layers on, until everything's nice and smooth. Do you notice the lip on the left side of the image below? I thought I'd try something clever there, and make a space for someone to fit their head between the horse and someone straddling the horse. Didn't really work out, so I'd recommend keeping the sides a cleaner, traditional symmetrical shape.
Draw potential seam lines out with a marker.
I was toying with the idea of it wrapping around a bit…

Cut the duct-tape pattern off with scissors. We end up with the main piece…
…and two end-pieces.
I'm sure at some point I traced the duct-tape pattern onto butcher paper to make the pattern. I usually make the pattern symmetrical and perfect the lines. Then it's transferred to the leather.
I ended up using darts even though I wanted to keep it as smooth as possible. This is dictated by the shape you want to make and the thickness/stretchy-ness of the leather.
This leather isn't very stretchy…
Once the end pieces are sewn on and flattened, I pull it over the foam and secure along the edge with upholstery tacks.
It came out pretty nice, and makes me want to do more furniture-type upholstered and padded stuff.
Put some stain on the legs, just to give it some color.
In this shot you can see the ridges in the foam from where it was kept in storage. Over time I expect those to come out…
And finally at least 3 coats of polyurethane to protect the finish. Sanding with fine grit in between. I've been liking the satin finish lately… Do you think I should add some forged iron rings?
Hope you liked the project! Stay tuned, more to come…
Thu, Jun 08, 2017
Source: A fetish leathercrafters journal
Today's posts comes from my non regressed more adult side which has made few appearances recently in connection with the work on restoring parts of this blog of which I'm quite proud of.
My Big Gurl side wears nylon and satin panties, usually what are termed 'full' panties with some frilly lace and bows involved even if they aren't the stereotypical lacy 'Rhumba' ones, closer in spirit to those for girls in the forties modest but by modern standards too feminine for most women.

Naturally because I am a sissy gurl there is a 'sissy bulge' where my tiny Dolly Lolly (clit) goes pushing out the material.

Not also unconnected with by Big Gurl side being out I have experienced clear sexual tension feeling the need to have my Dolly Lolly touched.
The way this works for me is to be laying on my back, legs spread out, gently stroking my Dolly Lolly in circles OVER my panties alternating with soft caresses to my inner thighs to orgasm.
I feel this heightens my sensitivity getting more from the stimulation of the whole area around my Dolly Lolly feeling more feminine and feeling of vulnerability more .
On Big Gurl side of sissy gurl me, I do enjoy sexual arousal although like 99% of the adult population you do keep your sexual needs and meeting them to appropriate private places.
Wed, Jun 07, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
I wanted to share a link to a book about the artist Nancy Grossman. I remember coming across her images when I was very young, and found them absolutely fascinating. This was well before I had any knowledge about the world of S&M, and the fact that they were so gripping, and so unusual - and completely lacking in context usually. They remained mysterious to me until fairly recently. There's now a book about her work: "Nancy Grossman: Tough Life Diary" which I'd recommend, produced in conjunction with a major exhibition of her work at the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs, New York in 2012.

Since all I know about her work is from the writings of others, I'm including some of it below:
"These wooden heads by Nancy Grossman “with their sensory parts strapped, zipped and nailed shiut. Her famous series is a reaction to “anxiety and turmoil that weigh upon the individual in contemporary society”. When it comes to artistic influences, the exhibit description is really ignoring the big, kinky elephant in the room."
Written by Marina Galperina May 20, 2011

Physical abuse in the artist's early years and to some disturbing, inappropriate sexual attention from a male relative in her adolescence. Ms. Raven quoted Ms. Grossman: “After 25 years, I see that all of the head sculptures are self-portraits that refer to the bondage of my childhood.” That could partly explain her seemingly obsessive repetition of the image of the enigmatic, scary yet alluring, possibly predatory man.

But the heads might also be flirtations with a powerful but otherwise buried part of herself. The potential of the female artist had yet to be widely acknowledged in the late ‘60s. Ms. Grossman's early heads were ferocious harbingers of the coming feminist insurgency.

Whoever or whatever that masked being was, he, she or it possessed Ms. Grossman like an occult spirit and led her to create figures that are as darkly weird as they are sensually beautiful.
Ms. Grossman's heads seem to partake in a chilling depersonalization of sex at the same time as they celebrate demonic, thrill-seeking anonymity.

But there are other dimensions too. They can be taken as allegorical figures of extreme states of male consciousness.

Some have all of their orifices covered, which adds to the feeling of hidden, pent-up intentions and blind ambitions. Some have animal horns protuding from their foreheads. Others bellow and howl with toothy maws. Altogether they radiate a primal warrior's spirit. Yet at the same time they appear captured by the gear they wear. They cannot escape tbeir own archetypal natures.

If you know Ms. Grossman's heads only from reproductions in art books, you may be surprised at how lovingly they are made. She began by carving, filling, sanding, painting and polishing a chunk of found wood - a piece of telephone pole, say - into something resembling a classical or neo-classical head. With their strong features and thick necks hinting at muscular bodies, they read as male, although Amazonian femininity is not out of the question. As for the top layer of animal skin, only Ms. Grossman knows exactly how she fitted this covering and its hardware so perfectly to the complex topography ot the underlying sculpture.

Anyone passingly familiar with American art of the past half-century will recognize the eerie, erotically menacing leather-clad heads that Nancy Grossman produced between the late 1960s and 1990. Often including zippers, buckles, straps and chains, these sculptures most immediately evoke S&M bondage gear. Displayed in a high-end shop for the sexually adventurous, they would fit right in.

Love the red lining around the nose, and notice the use of buttons for the eyes.

Artist in her studio at age 25.
"Signing" her work with nail heads driven onto the wooden base.

Nancy Grossman being interviewed.

This monumental sculptural figure is larger than life-sized.
I hope this inspires some of you to do your own research about this remarkable artist and her powerful work.
Sun, Jun 04, 2017
Source: A fetish leathercrafters journal
If there was a prize most work restoring a blog back to where it was before three or more waves of post deletions then I'd probably win it because it feels more like it used to now and after working that hard I deserve to play.
This caption sadly missing any credits is one which is a favourite of mine I thought I'd share and post the odd thought on.

This, playing with dolls for me crosses over from my more regressed totally child headspace to the adult but infantist age play one with me (there are two sides of me and one problem connected to this blogs issues was accepting just that).
On both sides of me I am very gender role traditional, liking to play with dolls, dress and style dolls stereotype or not it's always the right thing for me and in presenting in my feminine sissy side they belong as does the dress although the regressed side does include less frilly school uniform or plain dresses.
Both sides of me feel very relaxed and comfortable with a role that includes play rather than adult social interests such as finance, bridge or debating. That to me makes for a perfect day.
Wed, May 31, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty

After last fortnights post, I rather felt like talking about something else given the time of year we're presently in although it's ironic that where this post is coming from is like the opposite of the message.
I feel sometimes this age with it's emphasis on communication, documenting our every act, checking every little thing someone may of said about us takes us away from something that's important for our welfare.
We need to get outside, nothing epic like mountaineering just a gentle stroll in your local park, woods or country field to take in fresh air, exercise our bodies, keep our weight under control and just switch off for a bit. Get yourself lost in the moment with the birds twittering and insects just passing by for a bit.
Although I really don't think heels are good for outdoor country walking and never for serious hiking, nothing compares to the feel of short skirt with all that air circulating around your lower half out of doors. I so love wearing pleated traditional games skirts.
Thu, May 25, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
One thing I'd hoped when starting the blog was that a bunch of leather crafters and innovators around the world would be able to connect, share ideas and inspire each other. I think it comes from my days in art school, where I found it extremely enriching to just be around other creative types. It can't help but take your ideas and craftsmanship to a higher place.

I want to introduce you to BeE Workshop, Japan.

This gentleman is creating some of the most exciting and unique designs I've ever seen.

Custom-made straitjacket, belt set and 2-layer padded pussy mouth hood.He contacted me a while ago to let me know that my blog inspired him. I was so blown away by his work, I didn't know how to express it fully. I think in many ways he's more advanced than me as a maker. And his ideas are off-the-charts wonderful.
He developed his own unique pattern for a padded, 2-layer hood. And he created a pussy-type mouth opening - I've never seen anyone do this in leather. And as if that wasn't enough, he created a harness with detatchable mouth/pussy cover…
I like the way he has the little pussy lips closed…

I think we have a shared love of hoods and complete coverage restraints. It's always thrilling for me to see a new take on an old idea. Check out the unique, beautifully-fitted pattern for the straitjacket here. Love the attached rings, and the sleeve lacing. The collar fits beautifully. Also, love the beautiful shape on this leg restraint. A really nice fit. He has also made some beautiful armbinders in a range of different styles. I love this classic looking design:

He's also experimented with an open-hand style:

A French-maid look with frilly edges in PVC:
An over-the-shoulder style with a zip-closure:
An over-the-shoulder style that laces up:
Take a moment to appreciate this fantastic photo… An open-shoulder style with zip closure, and contrasting red straps and collar.
Cannot love this image enough…Really beautiful custom-harness strap and chain sets too… so much great work. I only know of his blog here, but will let you know if he ever puts together a stand-alone website. Don't you agree that his work is just fantastic?

Thank you BeE workshop, for sharing your inspiring work with us!

Fri, May 19, 2017
Source: A fetish leathercrafters journal
Anyone who has really read this blog knows the story of how it came to be that a good number of posts over fifty just got deleted in a number of purges, moments of extreme self consciousness and meddling while under the influence of people who really did not understand me.
Unfortunately I did not have copies of the old blog with those posts that could be reimported into this reconstructed one which left chronological holes in my life as a sissy and also in so far as showing the links between the different forms it takes and between the regressed little sissy that's mainly around presently and the big adult sissy who was more around and still does come out.
I did however have some notes in diaries and bits on old memory sticks cos I've been through a few computers in that time with dates on with my thoughts, things I did and wore so I managed to created posts about in and the style of those originals although they are not and can't be 100% the originals and the images would be different.

My big girl side is now going to talk:
My entries:
I have not been around much since late 2015 although I'm always here, in the wings, and as part of this I came out over a period to re-write some of my old entries where I was exploring and discovering my big girl styles of dress and coming to terms with finding and enjoying my adult sexual side that were removed.
I made a point of wearing my sissy outfits and big girl panties so I felt as authentic as did back then so as I wrote I felt the same feelings so they would come over in a mature fully honest way as I talked about my sensuality and sissy sexuality because it matters to big girl me.
These new-old entries having been created are going to stay on this blog because they are all part of the whole sissy me.

The Banner:
Part way through writing the old-new entries, I was going through a bunch around Sissy identities and I thought about my old banner that was removed a good few years ago but preserved in the Blog History page and it's original captioning.
I decided I wanted in this restoration to restore the banner but a more up to date form because it became clear working through those posts and looking at the others including some from my regressed more little side both are coming from a Sissy angle, my childhood female longing was more 'girly' than many girls and equally my big girl side never wanted the status, place and role of a Woman any more than she wanted a Man's.

I was never a Transwoman.

I set about remaking it and decided it needed first of all a proper title as 'Sissy Candy's Original Blog" wasn't 100% accurate and that didn't really imply it had anything to do with the current me, who does actually blog on it. It had long gone from just a preserved one.
I decided to call it "Sissy Candy's World" because it is the space for both little and big sissy me when we come out to blog on, being about Our World as we both live and experience it.
I also redid that tag line bit.
I though this was 100% honest no lying by omission's because I am a Sissy Gurl even if I fly under the TG umbrella.

The restoration of the Banner shows the Unity of the Little and Big Gurl sissy.

My Little side is now going to talk:
I'd like to thank my Big Girl side for restoring our Banner because I missed it so much and for our new blog title because we're an active blog.

While I'm a Little and am too young for grown up things, I too am a sissy gurl and I'm happy my Big has given me my proper identity back. I may of desperately wanted to be a girl as one of them but I was their sissy, so I want to be identified as a Sissy Gurl too.

We're back together as two halves united.

Thu, May 18, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
In response to a request, here's my process for making the locking posture collar with rolled edge. I like this design because it fits a wide range of people really well, it isn't too hard to make, and can be produced in pretty much any color and type of leather you like. I start off with 6-7oz. vegetable-tanned leather. Measures about 3.1mm thick.
I trace my pattern on the smooth side of the leather. Rough-cut the pieces with my shoemaker's knife.

At this point I start working the leather over the edge of the workbench to take out the curl.
I do the final cut out using an X-acto knife. Try to keep the knife vertical. I'll use the diamond sharpener and hone to get the knife razor sharp for these cuts. If you do it right, it'll go through smoothly in one pass.
Blank cutout complete:
Next up, I'll round off the sharp edges with an edge beveler tool. If your tool is nice and sharp, you'll get smooth, continuous offcuts.
Edge-bevel complete!
My next step in edge-finishing is to use 100 grit sandpaper to round those edges.
Next, I'll use gum tragacanth and a piece of canvas to burnish the edge.
I do have a wood burnishing tool, but to me the canvas is the best way to get the combination of heat and pressure to consolidate the fibers along that cut edge, and get them to lay down. You want the friction to build up, and it turns out nice and smooth.

Now I'm ready for the outer leather. I cut this piece a bit oversize, and will trim it after it's glued to the veg-tan blank.
Both pieces get brushed with contact cement.
Once the glue sets up, these inner and outer layer are stuck together. The excess is trimmed carefully around the edges.
I use my cylinder-bed (which is set up to sew heavy-weight leather) to topstitch the outer and inner layers together.
At this point, I'm ready to edge-coat. Now we prepare for the rolled edge. I cut 1.75" strips for the bottom and top rolled edge. About 14" for the top, and 12.625" for the bottom.
These all get a bit of glue on their "good" side…
…as do the collars.
The edge-strip gets clipped to the collar, good-side to good-side, and stitched a bit more than 1/8" from the edge. The bottom strip is clipped and sewn the same way.
Apply glue for the rolled edge to both the backside of the collar… …and the backside of the edge-strip. Once the glue sets up, the rolled edge is folded over towards the back (inside) of the collar.Then back to the cylinder-bed to top stitch along the front side seam - holding the rolled edge in place. (This is the part that your portable sewing machine will probably not be able to handle.)The excess rolled-edge in the back can now be trimmed off.
Sometimes I'll use tape to help me see the position of the holes that need to be punched. These marks are transferred over from the pattern. But you have to be really careful that the tape won't pull up the finish on your leather. Be sure and test first!I use an oblong punch for the slots:
I use the same method for marking holes for the staple plate, which are riveted into place: The front O-ring is secured from the back via screws.
And we're done…
Locking tall posture collar in the color of your choice! Thanks for visiting…

Sat, May 13, 2017
Source: A fetish leathercrafters journal