Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 54. What are your breathers?

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Indeed… I always work. I always do something. I do not know what “spare time” is. “Spare” from what? If I’m not doing anything, that means I’m sleeping. And if I need to add something to my list, the task with the lowest priority goes off my list. I want too much. I need to do more. I can’t keep up. 24 hours is not enough. I’m close to panic. I’m close to break down and burn out.

The only “way out” for me is sport. Regardless anything, 4-5 times a week I must be in the dojo. Sport clears my head.

And periodically I must be tightly “coated” by latex, tightly plugged, tightly gagged and tightly bound.

Ohh… I desperately need THAT kind of a breather ….

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