Transparent latex stockings

transparent latex stockings with back seamsAdded to my wish list. Not sure which stockings to buy… I can try to wear skin coloured transparent with capri or breeches in public. Not sure if I have guts enough to wear back-seamed ones, though they look sexier.

Non-transparent or coloured version are also considered since all skin imperfectness and air-bubbles would be well hidden.

Black or dark-blue stockings can be worn under jeans in public (no socks, of course), but I don’t like to wear latex under clothes (hm… who does?)

Those made by Simon O are almost as twice as expensive but feature reinforced holes for the garter belts and small air-hole in the toe region.

Any advices?

Thanks to Rolatex and Simon O for the photos)

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  1. As an aside, I have a metallic purple ‘Skin Two’ footed catsuit made of quite thick rubber that must be at least fifteen years old and it has re-enforced holes in the underside of the feet.

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