The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 28-32

Chapter 28: Bondage forever
Chapter 29: The procedure for self-bondage
Chapter 30: The feeling of darkness
Chapter 31: Plans
Chapter 32: The release

Chapter 28: Bondage forever

One of the things that made the biggest impression on me about that night was the thought that I might have had to stay bound, gagged, and blindfolded by my own hand for a considerable amount of time. The more I thought about it, the more intriguing the idea became. What would it be like to be tied up (comfortably), gagged, and blindfolded for a length of time, say, twelve hours? After a couple of days to think of a good plan, I decided to give it a try. I had this up coming weekend free, so it was a date for self-bondage.

The problem that I had to overcome was a way to ensure that I could get free at the end of a significant period of time. Ice would not work in this case because it would have to have been a large ice cube to ensure that it lasted that long and also there would be no way to suspend a cube that large from the ceiling. The idea that I came up with came from a bondage magazine that I have. The idea is to use a wind up alarm clock, the kind that has a big key to wind up the alarm with. I glued a two-inch square piece of cardboard to the key. This made a large enough platform to put keys on. When the alarm goes off, the key falls off the cardboard as the alarm key turns and unwinds. The alarm can be set for up to twelve hours before it goes off.

I decided not tell Jennifer about this self-bondage weekend, because I did not want her coming over and teasing me. I did make sure that she would be home all weekend in case I had to get a hold of her.

Jennifer and I use special signals to tell each other that we may in trouble. All I have to do is pick up the phone and punch the one button call number for Jennifer. The phone that I have has big numbers and Jennifer’s number has a special knob on it so that there is no was to mistake where the phone call goes. This knob is big enough so that I can even dial Jennifer while bound, gagged, and blindfolded. The way Jennifer knows I need help is by listening to the touch tone signals. Any combination of signals would tell Jennifer that I needed help and to come right over. I still always make it a point call Jennifer when I practice a bondage position that would not allow me to get to the phone, i.e., tied to a chair, bed, or suspended. The way to continue practicing bondage on myself is to always ensure I will get free. Better to be safe to bind another day than be bound and gagged forever (what a way to go)! As the weekend got closer and closer, my excitement grew by leaps and bounds…bound for 12 hours…could I make it through!

Chapter 29: The procedure for self-bondage

Saturday at noon, it was time to start my adventure. The first thing I did was to lay out all of the bondage items that I was going to use. This included a medium-size ball-gag, black leather discipline hood with locking collar, black leather wrist cuffs, leather ankle cuffs that were connected by a twelve-inch chain, a four-inch wide leather waist strap, and a new pair of shiny black thigh-high patent leather boots with five-inch spiked heels, and finally, elbow-length black leather gloves. The waist strap had a small three-inch chain attached to the back to which the wrist cuffs were locked. This would allow some freedom of movement, but not much.

There were seven keys in all that would be used in this adventure. One for the ankle cuffs, three for the wrist cuffs (they were the same key), one for the waist strap, and two for the leather hood and collar.

Since I did not call Jennifer and tell her my plans, I thought it a good idea to use another safety. Saturday morning before I started my fun, I took one of the keys to my wrist cuffs and also the discipline hood and placed them on a shelf, waist-high out in the garage. Since I was going to be hooded the whole time, I had to have some way of guiding myself out to the garage. (I would sure hate to get lost in my own backyard in the middle of the night.) I used a string to guide me to the right place. I took one end of a long string and tied it to the side door of the garage and took the other end and tied it to the doorknob of my back door, on my back porch. The string was long enough to lay along the walkway to the garage. This way, the string would not be visible to my next door neighbors.

All I would have to do was wait until dark and then walk off the porch and take hold of the string and follow the string to the garage to retrieve the keys to my wrist cuffs and leather hood. I had set a small alarm to go off a 10:00 p.m. which would signal that darkness had arrived and that I could make the trip to the garage if required.

Also that morning, I had brought a step ladder into my living room, which has a cathedral ceiling. I then took two alarm clocks (two for safety reasons) and the keys, and climbed to the ceiling where I had previously installed two small hooks. I attached an alarm clock to each hook, wound the clocks and the alarms, and pulled the alarm switch out. I tested each alarm four times to ensure that the alarm mechanism worked and the alarm key turned as it unwound. I then set the time on each alarm clock for five minutes AFTER the time the alarm was set to go off. The alarms were now set to go off at 12:30 a.m. This gave me about twelve hours of self-imposed bondage fun.

Next I placed one of the keys to my wrist cuffs on one of the cardboard squares that were attached to alarm winding key. I then placed the other one along with the keys to my ankle cuffs, waist strap, and leather hood on the other square. I did this so that in case something happened to one alarm clock, the other one would be a backup. I could always cut the other restraints off if needed or make my way out to the garage (it would be much easier with my hands untied).

I made one last check of the alarm set switches and carefully climbed back down the ladder. I placed a towel under each alarm clock to mark where the keys would fall. Since I was hooded, it might be hard to tell where the keys fell and bounced to. At least this way, I have a starting place to look from.

I took the ladder out to the kitchen and placed the ladder just outside my back door. I then locked the ladder to the railing of my back porch with a small chain and combination lock. This evolution prevented me from even thinking about trying to get the ladder back into the living room after I had tied myself up. A combination lock was used because when you are hooded or blindfolded, you can not work the combination to open the lock.

Without the ladder the clocks were too high to be reached, even if my hands were not tied. With my hands locked behind me, and my ankles hobbled, the feat would be impossible.

I now turned on the TV in the living room, my stereo in my bedroom, and set my answering machine to auto. I also set my alarm clock by my bed for midnight in case I fell asleep. I did not want to sleep all bound and gagged all night. I was now all set for the bondage part of the adventure.

I removed all my clothes and put on the thigh-high boots and leather gloves. I then decided to spice up the adventure with some light breast bondage. Since I did not want to use clothespins on the nipples for over twelve hours, I decided to use rope instead and fashion a rope bra.

I picked up a 25 foot section of soft cotton rope and proceeded to make the rope bra. I wrapped the cords around each breast and around my back then secured the whole bra by tying the loose ends up behind my neck. The rope bra was comfortably restrictive, making my breasts stand out and nipples hard and erect. Too bad I would not be able to caress them for the next twelve hours. I was grateful that Jennifer had discovered that my tits were large enough to bind.

I decided not to wear panties of any kind because I would not be able to pull them down to use the bathroom if I had too. Wetting my pants was not my idea of fun. I had planned on wearing a pair of white latex underwear that had little nubs of rubber in the crotch, otherwise known as “grope panties.” These would have provided stimulation while I was bound and gagged, but I did not feel like having to wait to use the bathroom for over twelve hours or use the bathroom in my panties. The little stimulation that the latex panties would provide, would not make up for the discomfort of not being able to go pee.

The discomfort of not being able to use the bathroom when you need is another form of stimulation that Jennifer and I have used in our bondage games. Jennifer has once in a while made me drink several glasses of water before she ties me up. Then she leaves me alone for a couple of hours with the sound of running water nearby. I only have two choices; wait for Jennifer to untie me or go in my underwear. After of a couple of hours, I would do anything to use the bathroom and Jennifer has used that “WILLINGNESS” to her advantage.

I sat down of the edge of the bed and picked up the ankle cuffs and locked them on my ankles. Remember, these cuffs were connected by a twelve-inch hobbling chain. When the ankle cuffs were locked on, the boots were not coming off. Next I locked the four-inch leather waist belt, to which the wrist cuffs were attached, around my waist. The leather was cold to the touch and the fit was snug to ensure the belt would not slip. Now for the ball-gag.

I picked up the red colored rubber ball and leather strap and placed the ball in my mouth, buckling it firmly but comfortably behind my head, under my hair. After the gag was buckled, I moved my head around to ensure that the gag would not be too restrictive. The fit was fine and speech was all but impossible.

I made one last look around the room to ensure things were all right because now I was ready for the leather hood, which would cut off all sight, further dampen any noise made through the gag, and restrict my hearing. It was now 12:15 p.m. in the afternoon. I picked up the hood and unzipped it and placed it over my head. The smell of leather was overwhelming as I zipped the hood shut. The hood became like a second skin. The only holes in this hood were around the nose to allow for easy breathing. There were two soft leather patches that were attached on the inside of the hood that comfortably pressed my eyes shut.

Before I locked the hood on, I again moved my head around, getting use to the feeling of the tight hood. I would not want the hood to be so irritating to the point that the bondage would be a torture for twelve hours.

I laid back on the bed and relaxed for a moment. The smell of the leather and the restriction of the breast bondage was having an overwhelming effect on me. I was getting extremely excited and I knew that if I did not hurry and finish my bondage, this building feeling would be taken away by my own caressing gloved hands, which were slowly rubbing my hard nipples.

I sat up and brought the ends of the leather collar that were attached to the hood behind my neck and buckled the hasp through the zipper. I then reached down and got the lock that was lying beside me and proceeded to lock the hood on. The hood was not coming off without the key. Before I could change my mind, I reached my arms and wrists around behind me and locked the wrist cuffs securely on. The job was done. All I could do was wait for the alarms to go off or darkness to come.

Chapter 30: The feeling of darkness

I laid there for a moment getting used to my bondage. All I could sense was the darkness, silence, and the fullness in my mouth. The smell of the leather hood was very arousing. My eyes could open but to no purpose. I felt the softness of the leather pads and knew that until the leather hood was removed, I would see nothing–no light, no people, no hope for release.

I tried moving around a little bit and found out that my bondage was a little more restrictive than I had first anticipated, but it was still fairly comfortable. My fingers felt for the locks about my wrists, without the key, escape was impossible. What had I done to myself this time!

Chapter 31: Plans

I had my day all planned out. The first thing that I wanted to do was to walk around the house to get the feel for moving around semi-restrained and blindfolded.

I very carefully got off the bed and felt my way into the bathroom. I wanted to make sure that I could use the toilet if I had to later in the day.

Once I got to the bathroom, I felt my way over to the toilet. As luck would have it, the lid was not raised. You would be surprised how hard it is to lift the lid of the toilet with your hands locked behind you, especially when they are locked to your waist.

I had to very carefully bend backwards to reach the lid. However, every time I got a hold of the lid and tried to lift it up, it would slip from my gloved hand. I finally got the lid up by moving to one side and trying it again.

After the lid was up, I very carefully tried to sit down on the toilet. But, the thigh-high leather boots that I was wearing were not very flexible, something about new patent leather. They were almost a bondage by themselves. (I guess that’s why I always choose to wear them for my bondage fun.) With my ankles hobbled by the twelve-inch chain, and the boots having five-inch heels, and the floor made of tile, sitting down without being able to see what you are doing or having your arms for balance was quite an adventure. However, with some patience, I was able to accomplish such an easy task. Once I figured out that I could use the bathroom when I needed (assuming I found it again), I continued on my slow tour of the house.

One would think that after being in a house for over four years, one could remember where things were located such as doors, chairs, and closets. However, when you do not have the full use of your senses (sight, sound, and touch), the house can seem like a giant maze. The discipline hood that I wore was doing an excellent job of keeping me disoriented, and because of the hobbling chain on my ankles and the very high heels, I had to take very small steps. This makes the distance between rooms seem like miles.

I continued my tour at a very slow rate, moving from room to room, trying to remember and feel where each object was. I had to stop and catch my breath often due to the hood and ball-gag. I did not want to lose my balance, so the going was kept at a snail’s pace.

I moved from the bedroom to the hallway down to my other spare bedroom, and then into the kitchen. I could tell that I was in the kitchen by the different floor. It was wood, where as the rest of my house was carpet. I had to be very careful on the slick wood floor. The boots were very slippery with such high pointed heels and I knew that if I fell, I would have a hell of a time trying to get back up on this floor.

I walked over to the back door and verified the door was locked. I then moved from the kitchen into the dining room and then finally into the living room.

I very carefully made my way over to the sofa and sat down to rest. I was exhausted. I did not know how long it had taken me to reach the living room (when you’re bound, gagged, and blindfolded, time seems to stand still). My grandfather clock in the hallway sounded telling me that it was 1:30 in the afternoon. It had taken me over an hour to make the trip. My poor feet felt like it was all day. They were not very accustomed to wearing such high heels for long periods of time.

I always tie myself up in very high heels or boots, but I normally do not walk around in them that much. The high heels serve as a special bondage all by themselves.

While I was sitting on the sofa, I noticed that I was getting warmer by the minute. It was then that I realized that I had forgotten to pull the drapes closed that hung on my huge picture window in the front of the living room, and that the sun was shinning in. What also hit me was the fact that the two alarm clocks that held my keys to freedom were hung on a hook almost directly in front of the picture window. Since my overhead lights were on timers for the better part of the evening, I either had to stay out of the living room all night or take the chance of being seen (it would be very interesting to have the police or somebody arrive at my door thinking that I was in some sort of trouble). I knew that I would be unable to close the drapes with my hands locked behind me because the drape cord is located up near the top of the window. Therefore, I was stuck with the drapes open for everyone to look in.

Something else that I noticed while sitting on the sofa, was that I could not hear the ticking of the alarm clocks. The discipline hood muffled all incoming sounds. I knew they were ticking when I set then earlier that morning but, being bound and gagged by yourself, waiting for an alarm clock to give you freedom, your mind starts to play tricks on you. But what could I do now! If the alarms do not go off, I can always try and make my way out to the garage after darkness set in, or as a last resort I could call Jennifer and she could come over and help me. The help from Jennifer would not go unrepaid. Jennifer has a very inventing mind when it comes to paybacks dealing with bondage.

After resting a while, I decided to make my way back to my bedroom so I could listen to the muffled sounds of the stereo and rest on the bed. Again the walk was slow and the restrictions on my arm were starting to take its toll on my muscles.

Not being able to move certain parts of your body for any length of time can be a torture within itself. The stiffness in my jaw was the worst. I had not thought that a medium size rubber ball would be that bad as a gag, but after a few hours, the size of the ball seemed to be getting bigger. I came to the conclusion that even a small ball would have been too much. Oh well, maybe next time.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, I just laid around on the bed listening to my stereo. Occasionally, I would make my way to the bathroom, but that was about all the excitement that I could come with. Bondage is that kind of adventure that requires you to give up a lot, especially self-bondage.

I did not get too may phone calls that day. The ones that I did really scared me because I was not expecting them. The call were just some of my friends calling to see if I was home. Little did they know just how HOME I really was. I was not going anywhere for sometime.

I thought about trying to pick up the phone during one of the calls and try and see if I could get a message across that I needed help, but I quickly ruled that out. I did not want anyone to think that I was really in trouble and call the police or something. That encounter would be very humiliating and anyway, how would I tell them where the keys were. The discipline hood was locked on and I was gagged underneath.

Chapter 32: The release

As the night wore on, I was beginning to wish that I had used some sort of outside stimulus such as a vibrator or butt plug. I realized that if I had worn such items, going to the bathroom would have been very difficult, but I needed something to push me over the edge of orgasm. Tied the way that I was, prevented me from touching myself in all the right places and the sexual frustration was building. So I laid back on the bed and waited.

While I was lying there on the bed, I rolled over on my stomach and brought my ankles up to my wrist in the hogtie fashion. (This was hard to do with the boots on.) The hogtie is my favorite bondage position. As I laid there on the bed in a mock hogtie, my bound breasts were being crushed beneath my body. The feeling was wonderful. The breast bondage had done its job. The coils of rope around my breasts had made my breasts very sensitive, and the harder I struggled, the better they felt. I could feel my sexual release building. I yelled into my gag, but no one heard me. It did not matter. The first wave of orgasm hit. It took my breath away. Then the second wave hit me, I was in heaven.

Somewhere during the second orgasm, I must have fallen asleep, because I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock going off. It was the alarm that I had set to go off at midnight. I must have slept through my other small alarm that I had set to go off at 10:00 p.m. This meant that I had only thirty minutes to wait before I would be able to get free (assuming that the other two alarm clocks worked). I woke up very stiff and sore. My jaw hurt from the ball-gag and my shoulders ached from the bondage. I would say that I have learned a greater appreciation for bondage and restraints. My body was going to need a long rest before I try this again.

I now had to make my way back into the living room. I wanted to be there when the alarms went off so that I knew the keys had fallen to the floor. If I was not there, I would never know if they fell and I would have to try and find the keys. It’s easier to find something when you know it’s there, than if you are not sure. For all I knew, I would be looking for nothing. That would mean a long trip out to the garage and I do not think that my poor feet would stand the trip. I would be glad to get out of these high-heeled boots.

The walk back to the living room was again slow but was made without incident. I arrived in the room just as the alarms were going off. Hopefully the timer for my lights was working and the living room light were off. If not, I would be quite a sight in front of the window. Now I only hoped that the keys had fallen to the floor.

I must have searched the floor for forever. It’s hard to search when you can not move your hands very far at one time and when you can not feel the floor because of the leather gloves. I found a couple of the keys right away but, none were the one that I needed to unlock the wrist cuffs.

Finally, I found the key to my cuffs and unlocked them. I then had to relocate the other keys to unlock my leather hood and ankle cuffs. When these were unlocked, I removed the hood and the ball-gag and then I removed the leather boots. I was exhausted, because I must have fallen asleep right there on the floor. I had even forgotten to remove the rope breast bondage. After a couple of hours of rest, I removed the breast bondage and picked up my stuff and took a nice long bath to relax my sore muscles.

Sunday morning, the next day, I called Jennifer and told what I had done and she said that she was impressed with my adventure. She came over later that evening and I showed her my setup and explained all the steps that I went through. I even tied Jennifer up the same way that I had tied myself up the night before. She wanted to try and walk around the room all bound and gag the way that I was. I however, added one additional piece of bondage gear to her already-bound body. In addition to the rope halter bra that she wore, I added wooden clothes pins to her nipples. I told her that to get them off she had to travel to living room where I would be waiting for her. Jennifer just moaned behind her hood. What could she do!

When she got to the living room, after two wrong turns and two slaps on the ass to get going in the right direction, Jennifer arrived at the place that I told her be. Of course, I released her, but not before letting her wander around the living room for a few minutes. I didn’t say anything to her; I wanted to let her experience the isolation that the leather hood provides.

Jennifer slowly made her way around to the sofa where I was sitting. As she approached, I reached out and grabbed the clothespins and held on. Jennifer stopped in her tracks and only whined. I could see that see was becoming aroused, as the inside of her thighs were wet, but not from sweat!.

After a while of this kind of teasing, I unlocked her wrists and the hood. I let her take the clothespins off her nipples and remove the ball gag. All she could do was smile at me. I knew that look. I was going to pay for my teasing. but when who knows. Jennifer’s mind works in strange ways.

When she had rested, Jennifer lit up a cigarette and we both had a glass of wine and we began to make plans for our next bondage adventure and think up new games that would take us to new heights of bondage fun. Games I’m sure that will greatly bring out the submissiveness in me!

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