Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 27. What does you partner want?

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Another point. Do you know what your partner actually wants? Not what you think what she/he might find exciting (read: what excites you ;-).

Unfortunately we are led by our own fetishes, in most cases mistakenly thinking that our partners have the same addictions. If it is indeed so, you are lucky. I do know a case when a girl used to self-bind herself (pantyhose, latex, lycra cocoons) in front of her boy, because he liked that, and he was with her during these moments, and he was looking at her with excitement in his eyes. I hope she enjoyed it a bit too.

But I also know cases when:

  • he bought latex stuff (stockings, dress, bustier) for her, but in her eyes latex is associated with janitors
  • he bought a cool dildo, thinking that she would like him doing her with it, but she preferred “a real live thing” to the dead plastic
  • he wanted to gag his girls, just like he liked being gagged himself, but the girls absolutely refused to take that garbage in their mouths
  • and so on, and so on, and so on…

Yes, it’s mostly “him” who things “fetish”, “bondage”, “bdsm”, and it’s usually “her” who prefers real emotions, real skin and real love. (See Paraphilias, sexual fetishes, normality, deviations and men vs women)

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