The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 22-27

Chapter 22: Games
Chapter 23: A birthday to remember
Chapter 24: Solo bondage
Chapter 25: The setup
Chapter 26: The bondage game
Chapter 27: The intruder and her friend

Chapter 22: Games

Jennifer and I are always inventing new bondage games to play. We play games like “Mistress and Slave,” “Kidnapped,” “Dual Self-Bondage,” “Public Bondage,” and “Solo-Bondage.” The first two games are self-explanatory, so I’ll just describe the last two.

In “Public Bondage,” the idea is to tie one another up or add some type of restraint to certain parts of the body that can be worn while out in the public. For example, one time Jennifer and I went to a movie and I brought along two sets of thumb cuffs. I had Jennifer remove her high heels and then I proceeded to lock her big toes around the chair leg in front of us. I then locked her thumbs behind her back and we then settled down to watch the movie. Things were going fine until a bunch of kids decided that they wanted to sit in the same row that Jennifer and I were in. The kids had to walk over Jennifer’s legs and all Jennifer could do was sit there and smile. What made matters worse was that Jennifer had chosen to wear her short leather mini skirt and as she moved for the boys, the skirt started to hike up and expose the top of her stockings. Jennifer was humiliated, to say the least. Jennifer did repay me for that adventure the very next Wednesday, which turned out to be my birthday.

Jennifer called me the night before and told me that she had a surprise for me on my birthday. She told me that to get my present from her, I was to wear to work a sweater and skirt combination with my knee-high black high heeled boots, but underneath, I was to wear my white latex stockings, matching garter belt and latex panties.

The next morning I was so excited that I could hardly dress myself. Slipping my legs into the cool latex stockings and panties almost made me come right there in the bedroom. I had to control myself because I knew today would bring some interesting events. When I got to work that morning, there was a note on my desk saying that Jennifer had called to say that she would be at the office around two o’clock that afternoon. It was going to a be a long morning of sexual anticipation.

At two o’clock, Jennifer walked into my office. She was wearing a blue leather dress with black gloves, black seamed stockings, and black patent leather opera pumps with four inch heels. She looked like a model from a Paris fashion show. She was also carrying a leather briefcase.

She walked in and shut the door behind her. She asked me if I had worn what she had asked me to last night. I told her yes and showed her. Then she asked me if I was ready to receive my birthday present, and if I was, I was to follow her specific commands. Of course, I told her I was all hers.

Jennifer then told me to stand up and remove my sweater and bra, which I did hesitantly (I hoped no one would come in). She then pulled a roll of black electrician’s tape from her briefcase and proceeded to put two, four-inch long pieces of tape across each nipple forming an “X” on each breast. Jennifer then took a long piece of tape and wrapped it entirely around my chest and across my nipples. She told me that this tape bra would take the place of my satin bra and that the tape on my nipples would prevent them from standing out and being seen through the sweater. The tape was very restrictive and did not allow my breasts to swing from side to side. So far I could handle this, it was the next item that really made me sweat.

With my breasts taken care of, Jennifer now ordered me to take off my skirt and latex panties. When I had done this Jennifer then pulled from her briefcase a leather chastity belt that had a vibrating butt plug and dildo. She walked around behind me and strapped the belt around my waist. She then very carefully brought the other strap between my legs, turned on the vibrators, and inserted them into their respective places. The feeling was wonderful. Jennifer then locked the belt in back with a padlock to which I knew I did not have a key. Jennifer then told me that this was the pay back for the “Public Bondage” at the movie last week. I could already tell that this was going to be a long afternoon. I only hoped that I would make it home.

Before Jennifer let me put my sweater and skirt back on, she made me stand in front of my desk so that she could take a couple of pictures of me with her Polaroid camera. The contrast between the white latex stockings and the black leather of the chastity belt made for a sharp picture.

After this was done, Jennifer allowed me to put my clothes back on. No one would ever know what I had on underneath my skirt and top. If anyone were to find out, I think I would die from humiliation. Jennifer then added one more article of restraint to my already excited body.

Jennifer pulled from her briefcase a box with a bow on the top. She said that one of my birthday presents was inside. I opened the box to find a set of silver plated handcuffs. I was very touched by the gift. Jennifer then surprised me by telling me to hold out my wrists so that I could try them on. Without thinking, I did just that, and Jennifer snapped the cuffs on my wrists in front of me. It was then that I realized that I didn’t have the key. Jennifer sat back in her chair, lit a cigarette and smiled at me. I begged Jennifer to unlock them before somebody came in and saw them. Jennifer just laughed and picked up my bra and latex panties and placed them in her briefcase and headed for the door. I was almost in a state of panic.

Before Jennifer left, she told me that she would give the key, in an envelope, to my assistant outside. With that, she just turned and left the office. I sat back in my chair in total shock. Here I was, a professional business women at work, wearing a tape bra, latex stockings, chastity belt, and handcuffs.

The humiliation that was building up inside was almost too much. The vibrators were doing a great job of keeping me very stimulated, and the tape on my breast and nipples did not let me forget that they were there.

After a couple of minutes, my assistant walked in with a blue envelope. I had to keep my hands under my desk to prevent the handcuffs from being seen. Inside the envelope, there was a key and some instructions. The instructions said that I was to leave the tape on my breasts until I got home, and that there were further instructions waiting for me when I arrived.

After work ended, I left in a rush. It had been very difficult to sit through the afternoon meetings. The vibrators that were locked between my legs kept my mind daydreaming about the evening ahead. I could only wonder what Jennifer had in store for my birthday. Also, everyone kept looking at me, and I kept wondering if they could hear the sound of the vibrator. However, my attention was brought back to the real world every time I tried to shift my weight in my chair. This was due to the butt plug sticking up my rear.

Chapter 23: A birthday to remember

When I arrived home, there was a note lying on the table along with a pair of Jennifer’s cotton panties (wet of course), a leather strap, a long black latex sheet, elbow-length black leather gloves, and a leather paddle with a pink bow attached to the handle. It was obvious what part of my evening was to entail.

The note said to remove my skirt and sweater, gag myself by stuffing the panties in my mouth and securing them with the leather strap. I was then to cover the whole thing with the four inch latex sheet. This would make for a very secure gag and, of course, Jennifer’s panties were not soaked with water.

After I was gagged, I was to bring the paddle and gloves into the bedroom, give the paddle to Jennifer, present myself for inspection, then put on the leather gloves, place myself in bondage with the restraints that were provided and wait for the surprise. I gagged myself as the note had instructed, and removed my outer clothing. I then picked up the paddle and leather gloves and started towards my bedroom. Before reaching the bedroom, I happened to pass my full length mirror that is on my hallway bathroom door. I stopped to admire the bound figure that was reflecting in the mirror. I was semi-nude with a black tape bra that only covered my nipples, gagged with panties and black latex sheet, wearing a black leather chastity belt that made my ass cheeks spread apart (a good position for a little spanking?) white latex stockings and garter belt, and high-heeled black leather boots. I was quite the submissive!

When I entered the bedroom, Jennifer was lying on the bed. She was dressed from head to toe in black leather. She was wearing a black leather corset with a quarter cup bra that pushed her breasts up very high, leaving her nipples exposed and erect, leather panties, crotchless of course, black thigh-high leather stockings attached to the corset by eight garters, shiny black leather ankle boots with stiletto heels, and to top off the outfit, black elbow-length kid leather gloves. She was drinking a glass of wine, smoking a long white cigarette that she was holding between her gloved fingers, and reading my latest bondage magazine that must have arrived in the mail.

In the middle of the room, lying on the floor, was my three foot metal spreader bar with locking ankle cuffs. Above the bar, hanging from a hook from the ceiling, was a chain to which another set of handcuffs were locked.

I walked over to the bed and handed Jennifer the paddle. Jennifer tested the chastity belt to ensure that the belt was still tightly locked on and made sure that the vibrator was still working. From the way her gloved fingers came out of my crotch wet, the vibrator was doing it’s intended job. Jennifer then inspected the tape bra to ensure it wasn’t removed. Finally she inspected the latex gag that I was wearing to ensure I followed the her instruction to the letter. She asked me how her panties tasted? I could only shake my head to tell her I knew what that taste was. Before I applied my self-bondage, Jennifer had me kiss her feet with her gagged lips. I was really turning into a good submissive.

I now put the leather gloves on each arm. I then proceeded to lock my ankles apart using the ankle cuffs and spreader bar. The boots that I wore protected my ankles from any chaffing. I then reached up and locked the handcuffs on my wrist. I was now Jennifer’s bound slave. Jennifer just watched me through a soft white cloud of smoke.

As I stood there in bondage, my mind was racing. What did Jennifer have in store for me. I was becoming very excited from the vibrator but with my hands locked over my head, I could not reach those special areas of my body that needed caressing to push me over the edge.

Jennifer got up from the bed and slowly walked towards me. She had the paddle in one gloved hand and the cigarette in the other. She took the paddle and slowly caressed my bottom. She commented on the way the chastity belt separated my ass cheeks and made for a perfect target.

She told me that I was to get a birthday spanking and that I was to count each of the strokes. If I missed a stroke, there would be another. Needless to say it was a long 34 strokes, even though I am only 28 years old. When the birthday spanking was done, Jennifer then told that she had another surprise for me.

For being such a good girl, Jennifer had purchased some additional presents for me. She pulled from a box a black leather corset, long black, high-waisted, leather hobble skirt, a black leather single-arm glove, and black patent leather opera pumps with six inch heels. Jennifer was going to dress me head to toe in black leather.

The first thing she did was to remove the tape bra and tape from my nipples. She then unlocked and carefully removed the chastity belt, vibrator, and butt plug. Jennifer then released my feet from the spreader bar, removed my boots and the latex stockings and garter belt. I was now standing in the middle of the bedroom bound with my hands locked over my head, wearing only a latex gag and black leather elbow-length gloves.

Jennifer then decided that I needed a little torture in my life, and she proceeded to attach a set of metal nipple clips to my already sensitive nipples. These clips were joined by a small chain, and to the chain, was tied a long piece of string. Jennifer threaded the string through a hook on the ceiling and tied off the other end to the bed. She pulled the string taut causing me to lift up on my tip toes to keep the pressure on my nipples to a minimum.

With my nipples tied the way they were, I could not move around at all. Jennifer took her gloved hand and slowly caressed my breasts and underarms. She knew that I was very ticklish, but I could not lower my arms, or move away from her because of the nipple clamps and the handcuffs.

Jennifer now moved around behind me and put the corset around my waist. She cinched the corset very tightly thus giving my body that hourglass shape. This corset fitted just below my breasts to just above my crotch. It pushed my breasts up nice and high. She then locked the corset on with two special padlocks. She told me that she had mailed me the keys to the corset at my office. I would have to wait until tomorrow to get the corset off.

She then slowly pulled on black silk stockings on each of my legs, taking care to caress the inside of my thighs on the way up. She was driving me wild with passion. She attached the stockings to the corset with six garters that were attached to the corset.

After this was done, she put the six-inch high heeled pumps on my feet. I could tell that standing in these heels for a long period of time was going to be rough.

Before Jennifer put the skirt on me, she put a “Joni’s Butterfly” vibrator on me, pressing it tightly against my crotch. The vibrator had a cord attached to the ON/OFF switch which Jennifer strapped to my waist.

Jennifer then took the leather hobble skirt and held it open for me as I stepped into the opening. She pulled the skirt up to my waist and over my hips. The fit was very snug. She zipped the skirt up in back by my waist and down by my ankles. This drew my legs very close together and it was getting harder and harder to keep my balance. Had it not been for the handcuffs and, of course, the nipple clamps, I probably would have lost my balance. This skirt also had a small strap that went beneath the soles of my of my high heels that prevented the skirt from ridding up my legs. It also prevented my from removing my pumps.

Jennifer now removed the latex sheet from my around my mouth and panty gag. She then put a leather discipline hood over my head and tightly laced the hood shut. This hood had a penis gag built in and it filled my mouth completely. It also had openings for my nose to allow easy breathing and openings for the eyes. Jennifer then locked the hood on my head by locking the leather collar that was attached to the hood, around my neck. The hood was not coming off. Now, with the exception of my upper body and arms, I was encased in black leather.

Next Jennifer loosened the string that kept the tension on my nipple clamps. She did not remove the clamps, though. She then brought a bar stool over to where I was standing, and proceeded to unlock my hands from the handcuffs. When this was done, she had me sit on the stool, to keep from falling.

She then brought my arms behind me and strapped my wrists together, palm to palm, with a small leather strap. Jennifer then forced my arms and wrists into a black leather armbinder. She tightened the armbinder’s straps thus forcing my arms and elbows very close together. Jennifer buckled the leather straps that were attached to the binder up and over my shoulders, crisscrossing above my breasts. The straps prevented the armbinder from falling down. Jennifer then took a long leather strap and tightly strapped my arms to my body. My leather bondage was almost complete.

Jennifer then helped me over to the bed and had me lie down. She attached a short leather leash to the chain that was attached to my nipple clips and tied the leash to head of the bed. I was not going to leave the bed. Jennifer then added a leather blindfold thus cutting off all light.

I was now totally encased in leather. I could not talk, see, or barely hear due to the discipline hood, and I was tied to the bed by my nipples. This had been a favorite fantasy of mine for some time. Jennifer and I have been trading fantasies with each other for quite awhile and we have been trying to make each others fantasize come true when the opportunity arose. Jennifer had used my birthday to fulfill my latest one.

Jennifer leaned over my and put her mouth to my ear and wished me a happy birthday as she switched on my vibrator. I was in heaven. With the combination of the leather bondage, nipple discipline, and the vibrator, I would probably break all the orgasm records ever set.

Needless to say, it was quite a night. Jennifer finally freed my after what seemed like forever but had only been two hours. I lost count of the number of times that I orgasmed during that period. The only reason that Jennifer released me was that she was growing anxious to try out all the new leather gear that she had bound me with. Jennifer did get her turn bound in the black leather that evening and she enjoyed it just as much as I had.

Public bondage can be very exciting, but for me the game “Solo-Bondage” can be just as fun.

Chapter 24: Solo bondage

The other game that Jennifer and I play a lot, is called “Solo-bondage.” This particular game involves my favorite subject, self-bondage. Even though Jennifer and I tie each other up a lot, I still enjoy putting myself in restrictive bondage. The thrill of not really knowing if I will get free without help always makes self-bondage a love that I will never give up. However, now that Jennifer knows what I do to myself, and that I use her for my safety monitor, I have become more creative in my self-bondage adventures.

The rules to this particular game were simple, I would call Jennifer at work and tell her what time to come over and release me from my bondage. Because I ask a lot of her, Jennifer gets to add some extras requirements of her own. I would also tell her the type of bondage that I would be in, so that she would have an idea of the amount of restraint and stress that I would be under. Jennifer knows that if I am trying some suspension bondage on myself, she can’t be very late. However, if the bondage involves a chair or bed, well, Jennifer just might take her time in arriving.

Earlier that day, I had called Jennifer and asked her to come over later that night around eight o’clock. I told her my plans and she then told me that I was to wear a blindfold and wooden clothespins on my nipples. My bondage was now set. With what I had planned for myself and the extras that Jennifer had demanded, I would be in for an interesting evening of restraint.

The position that I used for this night’s bondage adventure came from a bondage movie that I had recently purchased. The idea is to straddle a leather covered saw horse with your hands tied behind you. The fun part comes when you pull your ankles up behind you off the floor. This forces most of your weight to be supported by your crotch. If your crotch is filled by a dildo, then the dildo is buried deep within you with little hope of being expelled. Any movement by you on the horse causes an instant reaction to your crotch.

Chapter 25: The setup

I got home from work around five o’clock and I moved the saw horse from the garage to the middle of my bedroom. It had only taken me a few days to build the horse and cover it with leather.

I then quickly shed all my clothes. I had planned on tying myself up in the nude, but I decided to wear a pair of elbow-length black leather gloves. They protect my wrists from chaffing and make it that much more restrictive.

Next, I attached a pre-measured length of chain to one of my hooks that I had installed in the ceiling. To the other end of the chain, I connected a set of leather wrist cuffs that were lockable. The length of the chain was such that when my wrists were locked behind me and I was sitting on the wooden horse, my arms would be pulled up to about the middle of my back.

Before I went any further, I set up my own safety device. This was done just in case Jennifer was unable to come over and release me later that evening. In the past, I have had to use the safety device to free myself on a couple of occasions. Jennifer’s car failed to start one night and I had tied myself up on the bed in a tight hogtie. When Jennifer failed to show up after a couple of hours the keys to my wrists that I had frozen in an ice cube finally melted, and I had to crawl over and retrieve key. Jennifer however, still had the keys to my leather collar and my ankle cuffs. I will explain more about this little quirk to the game later on.

The safety device that I used this time was a #10 can that was filled with water and frozen solid. A key to my wrists cuffs was frozen in the middle of the can . Attached to the key was a string about seven feet long. I now removed the ice block from the can and placed the block up on a shelf across the room. I had also placed the block in a tray to catch the melting water.

The other end of the string was now tied to the same hook that my wrists would be attached to. When the block of ice melted, the key would then swing down to where my hand were and I would be able to get free. To help the string swing correctly, I attached a small weight to the middle of the string.

The ice cube was large enough so that it would take about seven hours to melt. This amount of time forces me to wait for Jennifer or stay in my self-imposed bondage for a considerable length of time. Thus far, my longest time spent in self-bondage was about two and one-half hours.

I was now all set to begin. I put on a pair of elbow-length leather gloves and then placed aleather cuff on each ankle. I locked the cuffs on with two small locks. Attached to each cuff was a small chain about three feet long. I next buckled a two-inch leather collar around my neck, and also locked it on with another small lock. This collar had a metal D- ring attached to the front. I was now ready for the gag.

This gag was special. It was known as a “pump gag.” It consisted of a wide leather strap that went around the head and buckled in back. The strap had a small hole in the front through which a small rubber tube was inserted. On the inside of the strap, attached to one end of the tube, was a small rubber bulb, and on the outside of the strap, attached to the other end, was an inflator, much like the inflator used in measuring blood pressure. The idea is to insert the bulb into your mouth and then buckle the strap around your head. You then slowly inflate the bulb until speech becomes non-existent.

I carefully inserted the bulb into my mouth and then buckled the leather straps tightly around my head and under my chin. I had modified this gag by adding a chin strap which keeps me from opening my mouth as the bulb is being inflated.

I now begin to slowly inflate the gag. The feeling was wonderful. I could feel my speech being deprived with each pump of the inflator. I pumped the bulb up until my mouth was filled with rubber. The chin strap did an excellent job of not letting me open my mouth. Once I was satisfied that I was gagged securely enough, I locked the gag on with another small lock. I should explain about these small locks. The ones on my ankles, leather collar, and gag had a blue dot on them. Jennifer is the only one who has the key to these locks. The spare key is kept taped under my mailbox out in my front yard. This is just something else to add to the fun. Anytime I use these locks, I always have to wait for Jennifer to arrive and free me. One time, she left me hobbled and gagged all night long (my hands were free though). I tried to hobble out to the mailbox late that night, but Jennifer had taken the spare keys and had only left me a note saying she would be back in the morning before I went to work. All I could do was go to bed and sleep with my bondage. I was now ready for the final stage of tonight’s self-bondage adventure.

I made one last check of the front and back doors to ensure that they were locked. (Jennifer had her own key.) I then turned on the radio to keep me entertained while I waited for Jennifer to arrive. The time was now 7:05 in the evening, so I had about an hour to enjoy my bondage.

I picked up the leather blindfold and buckled it loosely around my neck. I then picked up two wooden clothespins and carefully attached one to each nipple. Putting them on is not as bad as taking them off. The clothespins on the nipples have always given me a greater appreciation for my bondage. They serve to remind me that the bondage is real, self-imposed or not , in that I can’t remove them until my hands were freed. I now picked up the dildo that I had previously lubricated and carefully inserted it deep in my crotch. I then got up on the saw horse and positioned myself in the middle. The pressure on the dildo was instantly felt in my crotch. I only hoped that I would make it through the evening.

Attached to the top of the wooden horse in back of me was a metal ring and two snap hooks. I very carefully brought one ankle up behind me at a time and attached the ankle chain to the snap hook.

Attached to the horse in front of me, was another metal ring. This metal ring had attached to it a three foot adjustable leather strap. On the other end of the strap, was another snap hook. I snapped this hook to the D- ring on my collar and tightened the strap enough to prevent me from lifting myself off the horse.

I took one last look around the room to ensure I had not forgotten something and to ensure that my safety would work if needed. You never know when the bondage can become your enemy.

I now buckled the blindfold that was hanging around my neck tightly over my eyes. This blindfold was a leather strap, four inches in width, which had a hole cut out that my nose fit through. The blindfold was lined with fur and did an excellent job blocking out all light. With that done, I reached around behind me and locked the wrist cuffs on each wrist. That was it. All I could do was wait for Jennifer to free me or for the ice to melt and the key to swing down allowing me to free myself. Again, I was getting too good at my bondage. I could not see or speak. I could hardly move without changing the pressure on my crotch or the pushing the dildo further up my cunt, and I could not reach the clothespins that were pinching my nipples. I loved it! I tried struggling to see if I could get free but it was of no use. The movement only made the bondage that much more uncomfortable, so I just tried to “relax” and let my fantasies take over.

Chapter 26: The bondage game

Jennifer was pretty good at being on time when she wanted to be. Sometimes she would be late just to let me stew for awhile. It all depended on the bondage that I had chosen for myself. Usually when she arrives, she has her way with me. She either tickles me, spanks me (lightly), or makes my bondage more restraining. I could only wonder what the night’s encounter would bring.

There have been times when she has joined me in bondage and we have had to work together to get free. When we do this, the safety device is always within fairly easy reach since Jennifer is no longer able to free me. For instance, one time, Jennifer and I were tied face to face, totally nude with the exception of black leather gloves and high heeled shoes. We were each wearing a black discipline hood that allowed sight, ball gags, leather collars and ankle cuffs. Of course the high heels were locked on too. The two sets of ankle cuffs were locked together by a small chain, as were the leather collars. Our hands were locked with handcuffs around the back of the other person. We had the appearance that we were hugging each other.

To prevent us from lifting our locked hands over each other’s heads, the cuffs were connected by a small chain that ran between our legs. It took us about two hours to wiggle our way into the living room to retrieve the key to the handcuffs. It was very exciting to be bound breast to breast with Jennifer. Her nipples were always hard and they were caressing mine all evening. Needless to say our evening ended with both of us sexually satisfied.

Being tied up by your own hand is exciting but the only way that you get a better appreciation for the bondage is to have a little outside stimulation, i.e., dildo, butt plugs, clothespins on the nipple, etc. If something is being done to you and because of the bondage you can not make it stop, then the feeling of restraint AND helplessness is that much more rewarding.

After about a half hour, I was beginning to think that I had put myself in bondage a little too early. My crotch was beginning to complain from all the weight and from the dildo being constantly pushed in and out and my nipples were starting to ache from the pinch of the clothespins. When you are blindfolded, bound and gagged, time really seems to slow down. When my grandfather clock sounded in the living room, I knew that it was 8:00 and Jennifer would be here any minute.

The time seemed to drag by. Then the phone rang. It nearly scared me to death. It rang four times, then my answering machine started and stated that I was all tied up at the moment and that I would get back to them as soon as I could get free. The call was from a girl named Robin. She was a co-worker of Jennifer’s. She said that Jennifer told her to call her and tell her (Terri) that she had gotten called away to a meeting in a nearby city and that she would be over to pick you up around 7:30 the next morning. I was in a state of shock. I wanted very badly to rush over to the phone and explain to Robin my problem. But, I was tied too good. The struggling only made the bondage that much more uncomfortable.

The mere thought of spending the next seven hours or more in this position with a dildo stuck up my crotch was almost to much to think about. Seven hours was how long I had to wait before the ice melted and the key to my wrists cuffs would swing down to my hands. The other problem was that Jennifer had the keys to my ankle cuffs and the pump gag (I could always go out to the front yard to my mailbox or I could cut the other restraints off). However, all I could do for now was wait. I was not going anywhere, so I just hung my head down in defeat. If only Jennifer would come and release me.

Chapter 27: The intruder and her friend

After what seemed like an eternity, I thought I heard a noise in the other room. It was hard to tell because of the radio playing. It must have been my mind playing tricks on me. I then detected a faint odor of perfume. It was a kind that Jennifer always wears. There was someone in the room with me. I tried to call out but the gag did its job of rendering speech impossible. My heart was racing. It was then I felt something cold on my breasts, an ice cube, and someone was gently tugging on the clothespins attached to my nipples. I desperately tried to get away, but I was going nowhere.

It suddenly dawned on me that Jennifer had been here all the time and that there was more then one person in the room besides Jennifer, because I felt three hands, one caressing my head, and one each on my tits. I almost died from humiliation. Suddenly the coldness on my breasts was gone. There was not a sound to be heard in the room. I strained at my bonds to get free. If only I was not so damn good at my self-bondage.

The next sound that I heard was a familiar one. It was the sound of my suitcase full of bondage gear being opened and straps being removed. I thought Jennifer was going to change my bondage, but no one touched me. I was dying with anticipation! I heard lots of movement in front of me, but no one talked. Next I heard locks being locked and then a buckle being fastened. I had no earthly idea what was going on.

It was then I felt a pair of handcuffs being placed on my wrists and the leather cuffs being unlocked and removed. It had to be Jennifer, she was the only other one with the keys to those locks. Then I felt the ankle cuffs being unlocked and removed. Finally the leather strap that was attached to my collar was unfastened. I was then helped off the saw horse. When that happened, the dildo dropped from between my legs. It was very embarrassing to say the least.

I was then made to kneel on the floor while my ankles were hobbled with another pair of ankles cuffs connected by a twelve inch chain. At this point I was bound with my hands locked behind me, ankles hobbled, gagged, blindfolded, and still wearing the clothespins on each nipple.

Suddenly, my blindfold was removed, and the sight before my eyes was unbelievable. Standing before me, bound and gagged, was Jennifer’s co-worker Robin. She was wearing only a 1/2-cup bra, open-crotched lace panties, garter belt, black seamed stockings, and black knee-high leather boots. She was bound with her hands locked together over her head to an eyebolt in the ceiling, and her legs were spread apart with the three-foot spreader bar. Robin was gagged with a large red ball-gag, and Jennifer was strapping my “Joni’s Butterfly” vibrator tightly to her crotch.

Jennifer was wearing a black leather mini skirt, black stockings and garter belt, black leather bustier that pushed her breasts up firm and hard, black leather gloves, and black patent leather opera pump with five-inch heels. She was quite the dominatrix. She was holding the controller to Robin’s vibrator in one hand, and a long white cigarette in the other.

Jennifer answered my questioning look by stating that she and Robin had lunch a few weeks ago and the subject of bondage came up. One thing led to another and Robin wound up here being bound, and gagged, and being teased by Jennifer. Robin had stated her submissive tendencies at that lunch and Jennifer was glad to show her the ropes. Robin was shaking her head to all that Jennifer said but just stopped and moaned into her gag as Jennifer turned on the vibrator.

Before Jennifer released me, she completed Robin’s bondage by blindfolding her with a latex sheet and then attaching a set of metal nipple clamps to Robin’s already swollen nipples. These clamps were connected by a small chain. Jennifer slowly bent Robin’s head forward and attached the chain to Robin’s ball gag. Since Robin was blindfolded, she didn’t know what to expect. As Robin tried to lift her head, she increased the tension on her nipples. This forced Robin into quite the submissive look!. Between the vibrator, and the nipple clamps, Robin was being kept in quite the state of sexual arousal.

The rest of the evening was very interesting and at one point all three of us were bound and gagged on the bed. Jennifer and I showed Robin all the tricks of the trade and the vast assortment of bondage equipment, latex and leather clothes, bondage magazines, and videos that we owned.

That night, Robin got to try on everything, including the vibrating nipple clamps, discipline hoods and of course, a butt plug and vibrator or two. Jennifer and I made sure Robin was properly restrained and well-gagged when we used the vibrating ones. It’s the easiest way to learn. Occasionally now, all three of us spend a weekend in bondage at the hands of the other two, or one of us will dominate the other two. Those adventures are a story all by themselves.

That evening stayed with me for several weeks. Just thinking about it gets me excited every time.

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