I stumbled upon this eBay ad a couple of weeks ago and all this time the eBay page with the photo was open in a corner of my screen.

Nothing really special: a red latex Latexa swimsuit (found in ProLatex shop), black fishnet pantyhose and black latex gloves, but the photo was haunting for my attention (unlike the other two from the same ad). Even my wife commended the photo.

I wonder what the suit looks like in the “real life”. Probably it’s good only on Susan Wayland? ;-) There is another “secret” reason for the post – I do not have a simple one-piece latex swimsuit, I want one (for this Christmas?) but I’m not sure about the design. I would like to have it with a high neck and closed back, just like the Speedo water-polo hydrasuit, but I can’t find one.

Another (simpler) solution is to go for a usual swimsuit but already chlorinated (e.g. made by Fetisso). On other hand I can easily chlorinate latex by myself. Any suggestions?