Black pantyhose, just like white or tan ones,  form a separate fetish but unlike white and skin-toned nylons they require a lot more attention to details. Slender legs, perfect material without blemishes or pulled threads, even colour and ideal fit. What is tolerable for skin-coloured pantyhose (sometimes even ladders are invisible) is absolutely unacceptable for dark-coloured ones. And when everything is right, the result can be breathtaking.

Even if only a bit of a leg is visible, five centimetres of transparent nylon between, say, jeans or leggings and sneakers can be mind-(and not only)-blowing. (Yes, imagination…) I still do not dare to wear black pantyhose publicly with shorts, but if I have to wear long jeans or trousers I always put on black (or dark blue) transparent tights and enjoy the sometimes visible centimetres.

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