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Your bondage or self-bondage ideas, techniques and sessions can be very complex, but you always have to start with something. Usually it’s a soft rope and a knife. For the overnight self-bondage scenarios one extra necessary element is added – a bed. And if you want inescapability – an ice-lock.

But let’s go step by step.

Step 1. The simplest self-bondage

The basics is the basics. You can’t beat the famous Bondage Life Basics in this regard. So, the basic (oh… how many times I’m going to use this word here?) overnight tie will consist of one wrist coil and one cinch noose.

Easy, right? You bind you wrists together in front of you or behind and jump into bed. To get out you will need a knife. But since your legs and eyes are free, you can simply walk to your kitchen drawer, grab a knife and cut yourself free. But please do not trip over something on the way to kitchen.

Step 2. Adding more ropes

As always, you can add more. Think of binding ankles and knees. Rope harness are also welcome. But please leave a knife nearby.

Step 3. Inescapable!

If you can get to the knife at any time, there is no thrill for some of us. We want something real. Sure. Just use the bed as an anchor.

Tie one side of this simple ice-padlock down to a bed leg or any other part of the bed preferably underneath, so you can reach it. Connect the other part to the cinch noose.

Now we are back to step one, with the only exception that your wrists are tied to the bed, so until the ice allows you, you will stay (or rather lay) bound to one place (with bound wrists).

To be honest, the image of an empty bed with only the cinch noose, and wrist loop inserted into the noose and the cinch rope disappearing under the bed really excites me!

Step 4. Inescapable with more ropes

Just combine Step 2 and step 3.

Step 5. Double inescapable

Have a look at the drawing (by Jstreel – DeviantArt). There are two anchor points – the wrist rope is connected to one, and the ankle rope to the other. Add two ice-locks and you have to wait (and stay bound) until both locks are “open”.

Step 6. Toys and clothes.

Dildos, plugs, gags, hoods, blindfolds, catsuits, swimsuits, latex garment, several layers, etc. But please do not overestimate your ability and remember that the basic (yes, again ;-) idea is to SLEEP while bound.

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