Eurovision song festival 2012. Part II. Cyprus and latex

“Sexy librarians” from Cyprus as British media called them or “fetish librarians” as I called them were full of surprises.

Let’s begin with the singer (Ivi Adamou).

When I said:”Oh! I like her without any music!”
My daughter’s reaction was quick:”Is that because she’s wearing pantyhose?”. I actually liked her cunning naughty catlike smile, which reminded me Liv Tyler, but yes I did notice the pantyhose 😉

Then, when I was browsing through the photos, my son mentioned: “Hm.. strange… On these photos she’s not wearing pantyhose”.

The thing is – her legs were always bare. It was the lighting what made her appear as she was wearing light shade sheer pantyhose.

And then there was another surprise. Have a look at the other girls. During the live show I even thought that their legs were painted white to look like knee highs. It was nothing like nylon I used to. The high-rez photos shed a bit of more light – what they were wearing resembled white latex knee-highs with perforated top to prevent them from sliding down. I’m not sure if it’s late or coated PVC (aka lacquer), but the material looks very thin.

Some photos below were made during rehearsals, where only one supporting girl was wearing the knee-highs (as latex lover? or was she trying to get accustomed to the slippery feeling? ;-P )

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