Rubber-like zentai and seams

I would even say “very latex-like zentai”, and this is the reason why I chose this Marcy Anarchy‘s photo set. The reflection is very latex-like (before polishing when still covered with a veil of talcum powder), the wrinkles are latex-like and the whole “feeling” (the first impression you get from a photo imagining yourself in the place of the subject) is rubber-like.

Unlike the “fishy” texture from Silver zentai, very shiny silver zentai and Marcy Anarchy post, the surface of this material is smooth and I bet warm and soft leather-like to touch (yes, leather, if you do not agree that is looks like latex 😉 I do not know what type of coating this is, but it’s definitely not metallic and more like wetlook lycra (I’m trying to avoid using “latex-like” again 😉 the popular shiny leggings are made of.

After my bad experience with metallic zentai (see My first shiny blue metallic zentai suit) I’m a bit afraid to step on the same rake again, but this suit looks so comfortable, yet very “fetishy”, so this design is currently my favourite.

The only criticism I have is about the “face”-seam. It may look good (you may have seen the “seamed stockings” design of transparent latex zentai-catsuits) but I doubt it “feels” in place. It may hurt the tip of your nose after some time.

Any tips on where such suit can be bought?

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