American vs European Stockings. In 1924.

Reading Eagle – Dec 14, 1924.

Zurich, Switzerland, Dec. 13 — The American feminine stockings is the most popular hosiery in many parts of Europe this season because of its fully fashioned effect, found usually only in the most expensive wear. Many of American goods reaching the continent are of artificial silk and sell from 90 cents to $1.50 a pair, the women contending that the American stockings, even at this cheap price, outwear European hosiery by many weeks.

European buyers admit that the American stockings have many distinctive features. They are particularly well finished as to surface, they say, have a soft smoothness that immediately commends itself to the feminine touch, and the colors are suitable and the shading varied enough to answer the wants of the trade generally. The stockings are cylindrically woven with a little tuck running down the back which creates the impression of a seam which is found in only the most costly articles selling for five or six times the amount dealers ask for those now being offered.

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