Men in skirts, women on bikes, pantyhose and Jan Jansen’s shoes

Oroblu Geo 8 pantyhoseI don’t know … You tell me if my day was good or bad:

  • I was wearing an orange t-shirt, blue capri jeans, Oroblu Geo 8 (I think) suntan pantyhose, dark grey blueish sport shoes and “secret” blue socks
  • Wow! The Geo 8 has beautiful pearl shine under direct sunlight! And it was a very sunny day!
  • Pantyhose sale in De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. Bought a pair of Wolford Le 9.
  • A man (~26, with a girlfriend) wearing long black skirt (he was also very interested in the PH sale) bought two packs of pantyhose.
  • 2nd floor. Huge collection of gorgeous looking high-heels . My wife looked around to find a pair for me.
  • Jan Jansen Rattan (1973)Discounted Jan Jansen’s shoes!!! Bloody expensive even after 50% discount. “Rattan”‘s from 1973 sit perfectly on my wife. Still expensive. Have to think about them.
  • A group of tourists (British). One of the boys was wearing white pleated skirt above his knees and a t-shirt.
  • Girls in miniskirts and shiny, thin, opaque, transparent, suntan, grey, crimson, green pantyhose (I love Holland!) on bikes.
  • A man in black fishnets, black midi-skirt and a ponytail.
  • Jan Jansen shop. No discount. Going back to De Bijenkorf.
  • Taft” shoes. We tried some high heels. Could barely stand in 5″ stiletto’s. Definitely need some training….
  • A girl in black mini skirt and black stockings. The rim of her skirt is hovering above the lace band.
  • Yeahh!!! Bought Jan Jansen’s “Rattan” (Ivory coloured) !!! My wife put them immediately on. They look (the photo on the right ) and feel fantastic . Extremely comfortable.
  • People staring at the shoes and “wowing”. Nobody cared about my pantyhose clad leg 🙂 (though almost invisible)
  • Something’s wrong with the right shoe…
  • Crap… One of the straps is wrongly sewn and digging into the fingers… Going back to Jansen’s shop.
  • “Jansen is in Italy. Will be next week. Not sure if we can repair the shoe. No such shoes in the shop. No, they are not manufactured anymore. Better go back to De Bij. Otherwise, you might lose the warranty”. Going back to Bijenkorf.
  • “Nope… This is the only pair… “
  • Got the money back….
  • …..
  • The dream was ours just for a couple of hours…

3 thoughts on “Men in skirts, women on bikes, pantyhose and Jan Jansen’s shoes”

  1. In the morning it became clear, that the day should have been called “good”. The quality of the overpriced Jan Jansen shoes is overblown. My wife did not notice that yesterday (she did notice the wrongly connected strap), but the was another strap that caused quite a bruise. Moreover, the rubber strip underneath (kinda “sole”) is too soft and wears very quickly.

    For THAT price the shoes must be perfect.

    Fortunately we got rid of them. Phew…

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