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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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Now I will confess that Ms Monroe just doesn't do it for me and I simply don't get the fuss about her, but I appreciate she is admired by many and hope this image might bring a smile to some 😊



Quote:Now I will confess that Ms Monroe just doesn't do it for me...

Marilyn's movies, her life choices. her voice and (so far as I can tell) her personality leave me cold too. She comes across to me as a cynical manipulator who was herself used and abused by those far cleverer and far more powerful she was. But if you're going to play that game be sure you have the wits for it, I have no more sympathy for Marilyn than I do for the drunken, drugged-up media tart Lady Di (who Marilyn always reminds me of).

Odd that they both ended up dying in mysterious accidents while romantically linked to enormously rich men with close ties to Heads of State and while the press had suggested they were pregnant, eh?

But as for Marilyn's body ❗ 😁
[attachment=12827] Errrm.....

And these three photos are from this eBay ad: transparent latex leggings


Funny, none of these photos are apparently the real photos of the leggings 😊 (sold, though) Most photos from private US eBay lots are much worse than well-known Chinese ads. Either completely not related (like these 3, but I like them, hence posted here) or completely out of focus 😁
Not sure if this one was aeady posted:

Transparent latex as the second skin? Or the first skin? 😋

More transparent latex lovelies:

[attachment=12970] [attachment=12971] - loving the seams, not so sure about the black around mouth and eyes... ?
[attachment=12972] - latex OVER fishnets? Now that's a new one to me.
[attachment=12973] - a classic latex lady