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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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(23 Mar 2017, 00:18 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(22 Mar 2017, 23:33 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]
Is that Lara?
Isn't it Katerina Piglet? No idea, actually, to be honest.

Ah, I meant the character portrayed, not the model 😉

Now this I like 😊

A couple of nice (though short) clips.

youtu. be/-cWziWW-dnI

youtu. be/obgKJwqVHno
Courtesy to Reflective Desire again:


(23 Apr 2017, 22:26 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Courtesy to Reflective Desire again:
The people from reflective desires are master minds with latex! I like their work!
This is what I call a proper pyjama:


Another tumblr find
(27 Apr 2017, 00:25 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]This is what I call a proper pyjama:

Its certainly something I would like to cuddle up to at night! 😁

Some I've found and think you might like:

[attachment=23165] - I feel the need, the need to squeeze!
[attachment=23166][attachment=23167] - very pretty indeed
[attachment=23168][attachment=23169] - I like the leotard (I think its latex and not PVC), I also like the pierced nipples, but I'm less keen on the tattoos... oh well 2 out of 3 ain't bad! 😊