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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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Found on eBay here Interesting that on the photos without leg- and hand-cuffs, "something" is missing 😉 Such condom-like clothes ask for bondage!

A crossdressed nun in translucent latex playing along to Judas Priest. I'm not sure there's much I can add to that...  😉



youtu. be/Ut0Dfy9JmpQ
Two different imagination stimulating images featuring transparent latex:

[attachment=15278] [attachment=15279]
I still can't find anything to beat Culmor's cross-dressed, guitar playing, latex nun, but here are some of my finds:

[attachment=15368] - all those pipes!
[attachment=15369][attachment=15370] - more classic latex poses
[attachment=15371] - she's just beautiful
[attachment=15372] - a very interesting alternative view 😉
[attachment=15373][attachment=15374] - a hint of purple


A catsuit with some interesting translucent details...

youtu. be/u5Xuxj16waQ
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this one is semi transparent due to latex being so thin  😊
Something a bit off-the-wall.

youtu. be/xr6c0Phm2jg
(26 Jul 2015, 10:00 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Something a bit off-the-wall.

The full version of this video serves some other fetishes as well...