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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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(15 Sep 2016, 15:56 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Four catsuits:

That pink catsuit. My gf would love it <3
(17 Sep 2016, 02:07 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Three beautiful transparent latex dresses:

Why am I thinking 'shower curtain' for two of these dresses? 😋

It's the other way around. Some shower curtains make me dream of wearing them or being tightly wrapped in them.
A transparent latex dress with something weird around the neck:


And three weird transparent latex pieces of confining garment:

That looks uncomfortable and fun. Huhu

[attachment=20271] - sometimes less is more?
[attachment=20272] - (animated) Just teasing.... 😁


couple i have found.


 love the design.