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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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This thread is solely responsible for me buying a pair of black tinted semi transparent latex pantyhose! I can't wait until they arrive! They will definitely be a part of my outfit for my next bondage session.
Oh yes, soooo close to my childhood dream... Or even better 😁

Thanks Ra, I've always had a soft spot for busty redheads, mmmmm....
Bianca is your girl, then 😁

Now I have a bunch of transparent rubber outfits on the way >_<
@Leanne12 & @l8xlvr : what did you buy and where?
I've just had an email from latex catfish telling me my order is ready to ship.
In the shipment is a latex cycle suit but also a transparent tank suit with black pop off codpiece. :-D
@Like Ra too much to mention, keep an eye out for picdump when I get the gear though!
I bought from vlatex, latex catfish, rubberotica.
I like the transparent latex swimsuit and I like the girl 😉

/youtu. be/-w2yEcq9L6E