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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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Some more for the collection:

[attachment=12100] - I've looked long and hard at this image and still can't decide if it's real, artwork, photo-shopped or a mixture 🤔

[attachment=12101] - do seams at the front work?

[attachment=12102] - couldn't think where else to post this one, but I'm sure someone will like it 😉

[attachment=12103] - I'm not normally a fan of fishnets, but this combination does have a certain beauty to it 😁

[attachment=12104] - the purity of white?


Sorry MadJack, I know you do not like transparent layers over black latex 😉


But you can't see layers if the outer one is not transparent
This is what proper lingerie must be made from - very thin transparent latex (with black seams 😋 )

I think it was posted aeady, but I could not find it.


Was posted in EOTD, crossposting here:

Is the girl on the left wearing transparent latex stockings/tights? There is something glistening on her feet/ankles, but then the legs look naked.

More see-through latex to tease and please:

[attachment=12711] - teasing look
[attachment=12712] - short skirt and loving it!
[attachment=12713] - artists impression?
[attachment=12714] - covering her modesty?
[attachment=12715] - Lycra over latex, wonderful!
[attachment=12716] - stockings and rope always works!


Not sure whether this belongs here or in the cosplay thread...

(28 Sep 2014, 09:10 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]- covering her modesty?

Looks like wet or lubricated pantyhose, doesn't it...?