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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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(08 Aug 2018, 18:05 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(08 Aug 2018, 17:59 )tightslip00 Wrote: [ -> ]what it’s like to be her in that outfit.
My thoughts exactly 😁

Question, and maybe it’s been answered long ago:

I’m a totally straight guy, but I fantasize about temporarily experiencing the sensations of a female body. I shirk at the thought of a man having sex with me in that state, but I frequently have fantasies of being totally encased while running my hands over “my” breasts and cockless crotch. I always return to the deep-seated need to plunge myself into the hot wetness of a woman. Is this typical of y’all?
This thread can be a good starting point: There are more, but I don't remember which ones off the top of my head.
Something for going out:


Almost perfect - I would add transparent latex gloves.
Was this one posted before?

(11 Sep 2018, 22:03 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Was this one posted before?

Dunno, but transparent latex and rubber is extra naughty for me. I love the medical fetish look.
This is what transparent latex is about!


Welcome to my childhood dream!
“Converting a new recruit”
(30 May 2018, 06:57 )shaggy420hose Wrote: [ -> ]I got my first transparent latex catsuit in the mail today, finally!  I tried it out and I'm going to have to make some mods.  One thing I wasn't prepared for was the volume of sweat that accumulates.  I overheat fairly easily, so I sweat all the time.  I swear within 15 minutes I had 1/4 gallon of sweat sloshing around my feet.  The suit seems to be decent quality, though I don't care much for the penis sheath placement.  It's far too low.

I'll post pictures when I'm available to do so.  I took a video of myself fooling around a bit.  I wish the suit was a more tight fit on the upper arms, so I guess I need to get back to lifting my barbells.

Greetings there All.

Been of mind to respond to this for quite the time and took a bit to find the post again. However, a follow up from Shaggy indicated nothing went well (with the wife) and the suit seems to have meant demise. I am well known over at SHQ (Stockings HQ Forums) and this was a rather common theme a few turns ago when the girlfriend or wife was not interested in any form of hosiery or associated attire for a bevy of reasons, often revolving around being perceived as slut or tart wear. Usually it was the fellow involved though there were exceptions. With Shaggy it seems the wife is entirely out of the loop regarding one of our (members) popular penchants. I'll attempt to place this in two parts. Bear on.

Those new to the world of tuber may not be aware that perspiration is produced in great quantity and will go where most liquids go due to gravity. At SHQ there was interest in rubber stockings for "Clubwear" and requests on advice. As Shaggy made note the sleek effect will be affected by simple sweat and really could be a surprise to the fashion swinging sorts as well as "first timers" as with a footed catsuit. Once I had a Latexa suit that had drain holes in the soles which I was not aware about and wondered where the water was coming from. I was wearing thin rubberboots to walk about outside and noted I was literally slipping about. A technique to drain these bodily fluids was to hang upside down in a bathroom tub and allowing escape via the neck. I also have an inversion table which has been modified to position at a 90 degree angle to I can actually be "upside down." Works great! So folks do be aware should you be new to this that things may get as Shaggy says, "sloshy." 

As to acceptance, allow that (I use a generic terming here) fetishes occur much more in men than women (about 10 times as much) and more than not involve an item or object (in this case rubber) though may involve pretty much anything as in over at SHQ mostly that hosiery related. The main disconnect between people has the "acceptance level" which has that anything outside of the mainstream is quite likely to present a problem or whole host of such. I am a master at trying to place square pegs in round holes. This is an "Americanism" to say I went to great efforts to attempt making things fit when in reflection they had little chance of success. This us a personal flaw I have long recognized and since adapted my behavior and have under control though continuously see it in others. Since I am confined pretty much to the USA side of the pond I'll use that as a basis for my observations.

I've done considerable counseling in the past (mostly to due about drugs) though lots more comes with that and still have requests from those to know me, well or less so to help out. The single biggest situation concerning ones situation with a fetish is communication of that fetish. Not beating up here Shaggy but from the little you placed it sounds as a classic case where one is appalled by another's desire. Going into any relationship that shows there may be an investment involved requires communications about many subjects and topics and especially any related to this site. Should there be undue concerns and potential negatives before is the discovery time, not after as otherwise there is waste to result. Better to employ forethought then afterthought or another way to say, wise after the event. 

Unfortunately, the preceding situations occur all too often as finding the right balance does require investigation. Lots of potential for disappointment though when all works the rewards are priceless. I'll add that "fetishes" can be mild to wild and in the extreme may be debilitating as when one may not function without whatever the fetish relates to. These are rare fortunately. As when I did drug therapy I hold (and still do) that whatever you do you stay in control as when something takes over you've lost your soul and if something kills your spirit (as in an addiction) you've lost.    

This may be a hands behind the backlot to take in and I hope it may help those that may be lost in the realm of human interactions with regards to likes and dislikes, particularly as it relates to our co0llective interests here. Life is long, best to live such in a better mode than not.

All the Best, 
@Dworkin - I missed you 😉