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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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Another nice transparent latex swimsuit

I like this

[attachment=16900] ..and not just because of the bondage... though that is fun too

No bondage (yet?), but a pretty girl and a nice short transparent latex dress 😋

More transparency to share:

[attachment=16909][attachment=16910] - love the before and after images

[attachment=16911] - so nice


Well, a part of it's transparent.

youtu. be/0TFT5TkjA_I
Nice encasing, I don't know where the tube goes but I wanna think it's safe
Oh, this is a nice one! Several fetishes in one! But it must be way too cold to sit on the ice while having only a thin layer of transparent latex in between. (And I hope she can skate 😉 )