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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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Nice back-seamed latex stockings:

Trying On my new bodysuit and stockings
I'm having problems with my camera at the moment and I'm not sure how well my transparent rubber catsuit shows up in these  'Fetish Nun with a Yardstick' pics...


I can only say that they seem to be a lot more popular than my very similar 'Fetish Nun with a Ruler' pics...make of that what you will 😉
Some transparent latex from about 3:10

youtu. be/Ll5qA8l5z0Y

There are more clips from Studioblackfun here but they seem to run very jerkily (at least for me).
This just arrived from Latexcatfish today, haven't tried on yet but the material feels quite good.
My transparent skin tank top short catsuit arrived from latex catfish last week. Love it stealth look.
I'll get a picture of it next time I have it out/on
Just found this on Tumblr
(28 Sep 2015, 23:28 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]Just found this on Tumblr

I would like to bi in her skin.  And position 😊
I promised a photo of my new transparent short suit... So here you go.
(28 Sep 2015, 23:28 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]Just found this on Tumblr

I loved this image, but.... and this is a very personal thing... I hated the words written on her ass. This made me feel conflicted and almost guilty for liking everything else.