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Full Version: Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
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Yes, this is the look I'm after (minus wrinkles and bubbles). The skirt can also be made from latex ;P

I really like that image, combination of latex into everyday wear, and O I really miss Manuela, and her photoshoots in public
found these of a lady called Carrie La Chance wearing transpart stockings etc

[attachment=14513] [attachment=14514] [attachment=14515] [attachment=14516] [attachment=14517] [attachment=14518]
A mixed selection:
[attachment=14528] - love the idea, not sure about the black seam
[attachment=14529] - latex and pantyhose.... like it!
[attachment=14530] - latex single-arm glove anyone? 😁
[attachment=14531] - now that's what I call a dress!
[attachment=14532] - oh my, Oh My, OH MY! Love the mouth....
[attachment=14533] - dark smoky transparent is becoming my favourite
[attachment=14534] - transparent over transparent?
[attachment=14535] - nice
[attachment=14536] - two for one
[attachment=14537] - I'm sure this IS latex...
[attachment=14538] - interesting scenario?


(18 Mar 2015, 12:40 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ][Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=14537] - I'm sure this IS latex...
Aurora & Billy do know the subject of fetish extensively.
100006 views!!!! Another thread joined the 100K club 😉
Two great transparent latex outfits:

[attachment=14702] [attachment=14703]