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Layers with a twist. What a fun! 😁

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Guys dancing in shiny metallic zentai suits:


Anyone else watch the Calcutta Cup match on the BBC yesterday afternoon? There were shots of the crowd celebrating after Scotland first scored and two spectators were wearing dark blue zentai suits!
I've seen a group of 4 men wearing green "chromakey" zentai in Amsterdam (near the central station) on Saturday. They were pushing some kind of a cart. Probably an advertising campaign. I was driving, so had no chance to look closely or make a photo.
(14 Mar 2010, 05:31 )culmor Wrote: Anyone else watch the Calcutta Cup match on the BBC yesterday afternoon? There were shots of the crowd celebrating after Scotland first scored and two spectators were wearing dark blue zentai suits!

Yes, I spotted them as well!!!

The Smurfs, as girlfriend called them, were the highpoint of a very dull match. I wonder if they arrived dressed like that or wore 'normal' clothes over the top?

And a few weeks earlier I caught a very strange conversation on BBC Radio 1, during which the DJ and his crew discussed the merits of women and men wearing thick tights during the winter. This all started because the men had noticed that many women in London wore short skirts and tights in the coldest winter weather and wondered why (I'd noticed the same thing, but didn't question 'why' - just enjoyed the view!).

The conclusion was that a pair of thick tights are warmer than a pair of jeans!?

So, now there can be no embarrasment if you guys want to wear tights to the office meeting - but the mini skirt might raise a few eyebrows...

5 zentai suits, 5 layers:


Nice material. According to the poster the suit was made by bodyweaver and they do not sell such fabric anymore.



(pain in the neck, though ;D )
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Though I'm not particularly into zentai here's a interesting clip:



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