Blue Self-bondage Session 51. Part I. Zentai and fishnet tube

Self-bondage in zentai and fishnet tubeIt was one of the hotel selfbondage sessions when I had absolutely no plan and was trying to understand what I could do with a falling apart zentai suit and a new fishnet tube.

I was wearing the following (see photos below):

In this suit I could not bend forward without breaking the zip, so the only position I could use is bending backwards. So, I thought why not to test a simple pulley system between my ankles (ankle rope with a steel ring) and neck (D-ring in the collar).

One obvious problem – if you pull the collar backwards, most likely your breathing (or head blood circulation) will be affected. Hence, no inescapability or time-release was planned.

The pulley system worked perfectly, but as it was “predicted”, I could not stay in this hogtie position too long – the collar dug into my neck and my breathing was already restrained by the pantyhose hood and thick metallic zentai fabric.

Also, the fishnet tube was absolutely useless here. Without the tube I could apply karada and use a steel ring tied to the neck part of the rope harness instead of the collar. Something to try next time.

5 thoughts on “Blue Self-bondage Session 51. Part I. Zentai and fishnet tube”

  1. you can take multiple tubes and sew them together, creating a much thicker fabric

  2. If the collar is too tight, or you don’t have a collar,
    a good substitute is a steel ring with 2 to 4 lengths
    of rope about 4 feet long. Here’s how I did mine.
    I took a length of rope about 8 feet long and folded
    in half. Then I folded it in half again. I placed my ring
    in the middle of the two strands of rope and tied a solid
    secured knot.
    Now , I have a ring with 4 ropes on it. Two of the
    ropes has a loop at one end, and the other two ropes
    have loose ends.
    Now to wear it. Place the ring just behind your neck
    and bring the ropes over your shoulders, the free ends
    ond one side and the loop end on the other side.
    Bring them both under your armpits, around your back,
    and again around to your front. Tie the tops together,
    and your done. The neck is now clear and free to suck

  3. Yes, like a backpack. I remember a drawing that
    Was done a while back. By Wolf I think. It was a
    hogtie and elbow tie using 2 SRDs. One to lift or
    tighten the elbow strap and the second to pull the
    ankles into the hogtie.

    I guess in a simple term, the idea is to have a ring
    with two ropes coming from the ring. You would
    wear it like a backpack, and the ropes would wrap
    Around your chest or waist and is tied in the front
    well away from your bound hands.

    Is this a better way to explain it?

  4. Where can one get a fishnet tube like that? I’ve been searching around on the net for quite a long time and I can’t seem to find one

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