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Men in swimsuits and leotards (photos)
Quote:But tight neoprene swimsuits is a bit different thing. A fetish on it's own.

My own (very limited) experience of neoprene is that it tends to smell nasty. Just saying...
Mmm... Neoprene smells like rubber and latex smells like...
Unfortunately my experience with neoprene involved a wetsuit that had been stored damp, it was at best described unpleasant.
Can imagine the stink ..

And I just had a pleasure of jogging and exercising in a thin neoprene suit and shiny tights 😉 Finally it's got reasonably warm outside -- +12°C
More men in swimsuits and leotards:

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 men-in-swimsuits-93.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-96.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-94.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-95.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-97.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-98.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-99.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-100.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-101.jpg   
A couple of "public" shots of a man in a swimsuit, plus some more.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 men-in-swimsuits-102.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-103.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-104.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-105.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-106.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-107.jpg   
One for Culmor and Ra...
This would be my all-time favour lycra outfit.
It aslo worked well with just a shirt or with jeans...
Zach Galifianakis in swimsuit:
Swimsuits... swimsuits ...

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 men-in-swimsuits-108.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-109.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-110.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-111.jpg     men-in-swimsuits-112.jpg   
Fhide in a tight Arena Jaked-like suit:

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