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Men in swimsuits and leotards (photos)
Fhide in a tight Arena Jaked-like suit:
(21 Feb 2011, 04:37 )Like Ra Wrote: Fhide in a tight Arena Jaked-like suit:
Very interesting, but there is one thing that I wonder when looking at these images.
Do men like to put their penis in an "up" position when wearing tight underwear? It sets the "under" side of the penis against the garment, and causes the topside of it to rub against the belly skin. I find it a quite uncomfortable position, and prefer to fold it downwards instead. If the garment is tight enough, I usually "submerge" the penis inside its own skin and hold that way; I find it makes the erections much more stimulating.
(21 Feb 2011, 16:28 )Joyl27 Wrote: Do men like to put their penis in an "up" position when wearing tight underwear?
Yes, I prefer it's up.

(21 Feb 2011, 16:28 )Joyl27 Wrote: It sets the "under" side of the penis against the garment, and causes the topside of it to rub against the belly skin.
Hm... It was never the case... And I do prefer the "sweet spot" to rub against the "proper material" ;-)

And the erection is definitely better visible.

The downside is easy stimulation what is not desirable during selfbondage sessions.[/b]

Stephen Pearce crossplays as Katy Perry:

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Let's update this thread:

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I don't usually re-post pictures of Katrina but this one of him with Nina Jay deserves the widest audience...
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Still not sure if I want a leotard with gloves with fingers. Yes, sometimes it looks good, and it's more practical, but I think I prefer the closed version (like tights worn on arms) or usual sleeves with no gloves but with tights underneath.

BTW, I like the photo ;-)
(24 Apr 2011, 21:04 )culmor Wrote: I don't usually re-post pictures

Generally, and especially 5 year ago, I would agree with you. But if you do not repost, or at least save to your own computer, photos, drawings, stories, articles tend to disappear. Fortunately, I managed to save some interesting pictures. Unfortunately, not all of the worthy ones...
During the last couple of days I've been through a bunch of men in swimsuits forums. The question is, if SO many men wear swimsuits publicly, how come I've never seen anybody else except me????

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Confession on a dancefloor?
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