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Aerobics or shiny tights and leotards, photo, video
For those of us who love fit women exercising in shiny lycra broughSuperior01 has an interesting youtube channel It's clear from the way the clips are shot this isn't at all about sport, it's all about asses and crotches in tight shimmery spandex...

A lady having problems with the bottom of her leotard:

...and one having problems with the top...

A couple of competitive performances:

I don't understand a word of it and I don't care...this is up there with 'Aerobics Oz Style' for hot women exercising in pantyhose...

Another one I can't understand but very nice thong leotards worn with shiny hose.

Russian indeed. Nice find!

When I was a kid, it was my dream: swimsuit/leotard with shiny pantyhose... Such videos were simultaneously pleasure and torture.
Oh, you've added more videos!

I love aerobics ...
Even their bikinis (which usually I wouldn't give a second glance to ) look great when worn with hose, even those matt ones...
True. And belts worn over bikinis add to the image. without the belt it would not look that "effective". Also, the belts cat be tightened and the buckles can be locked ;-P
These videos are amazing. I just thought I would share!

The account has been suspended... Baaaad.... Probably we need to devise a method to keep the videos from YouTube and reupload them to ... hm ... where?
The third video shows something new (at least for me). One girl is wearing transparent shiny pantyhose ( I thought that the "standard" is skin tone) and another girl has a shiny swimsuit Speedo s2000 -like) on. And, yes, all swimsuits are G-string ones.


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