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Lockable gags
Is it possible to design a gag that will stay locked and unremovable even if your hands are free (but without additional tools)? Do such gags exist?

So far the only solution I see is to use lockable hoods.
I would say yes, but I think it would have to be a custom design.
I don't think a off-the-shelf gag would work.
(26 Apr 2017, 15:06 )Tinker D Wrote: I don't think a off-the-shelf gag would work.
Yeah, this is what my experience shows 😁
Right. To make a gag lockable, the gag part would have to be a size and shaped so that even when unlocked, the gag it's self would have to be removed by someone else..... Or maybe the gag has a locking device that holds the gag in behind the teeth untill un locked.

Expanding behind the teeth like lockable butt-plugs? Three "leaves" heavily coated in silicone should work, but it will be more a jaws expander (or "keep it open"), than a gag 😁 A completely different feeling.
Not quite like that, I think. But a way where the gag is secured so that it couldn't be remove unless the strap is released. Wait a min....
How about using the ass anchor as the gag held in place with a locking strap?
Upper and lower dental guards that can be inserted one at a time. When the second one goes in it interlocks with the first one and clicks into place.
To release it you'd need to poke a pin or key in the centre.
This would leave the teeth only slightly apart so you can hopefully close your lips over it.

The other option is a locking tounge piercing or something that is linked to the stuffer/ball.
Nice idea. But I am a big mouth so, it would fall out when I open my trap.
But I do like your idea.
(26 Apr 2017, 16:14 )Tinker D Wrote: held in place with a locking strap?
The locking strap(s) is the major problem here. They can be moved aside, or the strain can be easily relieved by head tilting the and/or lower jaw moving.
(26 Apr 2017, 16:20 )ltxrob Wrote: Upper and lower dental guards that can be inserted one at a time.
What do they look like? I've never seen any guards that can be locked on the teeth.

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