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Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD)

Yuck! Bad

(11 Jun 2015, 10:43 )madjack Wrote: Yuck! [Image: bad.gif]
(11 Jun 2015, 10:43 )madjack Wrote: Yuck! Bad


Perhaps a "Burning Desire"
That's wrong on so many levels it's almost fractally wrong.
(09 Aug 2015, 02:11 )culmor Wrote: That's wrong on so many levels it's almost  fractally wrong.

That is a beautifully nerdy comment.  I love it.
Quote:That is a beautifully nerdy comment.  I love it.

You call that nerdy? Have  a look at the 'Cosplay - fetish or fun' thread or see what I've just made 😉


Incidentally, where's our Social Justice Warrior gone? The time has been when we'd get called out for criticising others fetishes like this.
Ok, you now owe me a breakfast over that.
So gross and sick. Makes me want to puke.
Just really, really, weird and un-erotic, even though I assume it was intended to be?


...maybe it's one of those 'ironic' images?

Errrrmmm..... Yeah, fetishes differ....

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