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Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD) - madjack - 04 Jul 2014

If you recall, a few days ago I posted an FOTD (Flaccid of the day) image that simply turned me off. Thinking about it a little more I realised that there are millions of images out there that would be FOTD for me (even if I limited my 'rule' to bondage) - generally they are cruel, sadistic or demeaning (I might love to tie women up, but I never, ever, treat them like animals, sluts (how I hate that word as it is so often used), etc, etc).

So I've had to rethink my approach to an FOTD and limit it to something that excludes the obvious dislikes and throws a challenge to others.

Like this one:  tumblr_mhiis22gg31rcrc3zo1_500.jpg thumbnail    - pretty girl, nice shape, no obvious sadism or demeaning treatment, but.... what the heck is that through her nose? 🤔
Oh dear me... no! 😟 
I do like to see some piercings and have no problems with nose rings, but that... really?


RE: Erection of the day - Like Ra - 04 Jul 2014

What about a separate FOTD thread?

RE: Flaccid of the day - Tinker D - 04 Jul 2014

Your right about that girl. She would a hell of a lot better without that ring through her nose.
This reminds me if a story a while ago.
I was waiting at a buss stop, because my truck needed a fan clutch, when this girl, I think it was a girl, bit it didn't smell like any girl I've seen or dated. Smelled like a skunk with a car air fresher around her neck. Anyway, this girl had a rather large nose ring in her nose. Like the ones you would see on a bull.
I tried to be nice and said "Nice nose ring". This is when open her mouth, killing a few birds feeding in the field nearby. Thank god the wind war blowing the stench away. She said " Thank you, My boyfriend got it for me the other day."
That's when I made the comment and ran away.

The comment?
"That's great. He can now lock that nose ring to the pole keeping you in place while hosing that stench off your ugly body. Maybe save a bird or two."

RE: Flaccid of the day - Like Ra - 04 Jul 2014

Some people smell not because they do not shower regularly, but because of broken metabolism or other various funny sicknesses.

RE: Flaccid of the day - Tinker D - 04 Jul 2014

No, she was dirty.

RE: Flaccid of the day - madjack - 04 Jul 2014

(04 Jul 2014, 15:03 )Like Ra Wrote: What about a separate FOTD thread?

I confess to being lazy - thank you once more for taking the time. 😁


RE: Flaccid of the day - Like Ra - 04 Jul 2014

(04 Jul 2014, 16:56 )Tinker D Wrote: No, she was dirty.

FOTD indeed

RE: Flaccid of the day - Culmor - 06 Jul 2014

A chop of one of my favourite pics Bad

 Euch.jpg thumbnail   

RE: Flaccid of the day - Tinker D - 06 Jul 2014

Looks like my brother.

RE: Flaccid of the day - madjack - 07 Jul 2014

(06 Jul 2014, 19:51 )Tinker D Wrote: Looks like my brother.

worse... those legs look like mine! Bad