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Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD)
That reminds me, Vivienne Westwood / Melissa make some interesting rubber high heels but these aren't among them.

(05 Dec 2015, 13:44 )Like Ra Wrote: I think I should like it, but I find it disgusting:

Ugghh! Hideous, almost as horrible as foot binding.

It's not often I actually LOL at a pic but I genuinely can't stop laughing at this home-made sex doll featured on 'Regretsy'.

I thought it was someone's earlier costume from way back.
At first glance I thought this was a wonderful encasement image, but then I looked closer...

 e85b6fdf51c664ea68d493da0ba792ac.jpg    - no, No, NO, NOOOOOOOOO!

Pfffffffffffffffff.................... 😟 But so close....
A chunk of rotting meat.
That's what I see here.

Don't like hooks.

What would be better, transparent latex with sprinkles and white rope.
I still don't get this, but someone must as there is a lot of it on Tumblr:

 tumblr_nzi65ctomI1ulk76go1_540.jpg     tumblr_nzk49s0XHv1ubszqxo5_400.jpg    - furry wool encasement fetish?

(21 Dec 2015, 16:39 )madjack Wrote: I still don't get this, but someone must as there is a lot of it on Tumblr

Err... no!

 tumblr_o0blyjUlSi1sgwd7mo1_540.jpg    - why? Why? WHY?!


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