Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Spanking machine
Spanking machine

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Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD)
More oddities from the web that leave me both puzzled and limp:

 182e017e7f5edde169c9bc8f92b9afbf.jpg    - err.... what the f##k?
 eed7e22d891a06796a32644a340082ff.jpg    - macramé encasement? Just say no!
 tumblr_nq001kDd7f1sa8o8zo1_400.png    - sorry, but inflatable latex suits just don't do it for me

She looks like a puffed up toad.
And the other looks like a puffer fish that sneezed.
I quite like some piercings...

 tumblr_ntwm5967Iu1tlluajo1_500.jpg      ... but this is a going too far! Nothing nice or erotic to my tastes.

Слава Україні

"We who have seen war, will never stop seeing it. In the silence of the night, we will always hear the screams..."

Joe Galloway

I honestly found this under a 'self-bondage' tag.....

 tumblr_o47mpoNMDK1th5yrgo1_250.gif    - (animated) errr... NO!


(21 Mar 2016, 16:46 )madjack Wrote: I honestly found this under a 'self-bondage' tag.....
Damn! you impressed me with that gif, it's disgusting but I've never crossed a gif like that, now it's burned in my eyes.
After my last post I decided to flip things around and found this male example of an FOTD

I personally love a little bit of cock and ball bondage, but this..... ?


No, I don't think so!

I've got nothing against piercings... in moderation, but this?

 tumblr_m9ehc4cg0U1qlq9poo1_500.jpg    - yuck! Bad

No! Really?! Scare3

 tumblr_nb6qyt5BsV1svmr38o1_400.gif    - (animated) I find this horribly fascinating, but not erotic at all!


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