Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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sorbern crotch
Sorbern Customized Wide Leg Fit Boots Women Square Mid Heels Round Toe Crotch Thigh High Long Boots Unisex Fetish Drag Queen

camaTech PU Leather Zipper Single Glove Armbinder with Over Shoulder Straps Sexy Full Sleeve One Arm Binder Bondage Restraints

leg binder
Nylon Pelvis Support Strap:Breathable Postnatal Pelvic Binder Secure Fracture Corrector Tailbone Protection Adjustable

deep throat gag
Metal O Ring Mouth Gag with Tongue Depressor Deep Throat Open Mouth Oral Fixation Bondage Roleplay Sex Toys for Couples

1d oil stockings
Lace Antiskid Stockings for Women's Overknee Dance Wear 1D Ultra Thin Sheer See Through Oil Glossy Sexy High Stockings Foot Type

cosplay sexy
Sexy Kawaii Style Women Anime Cosplay Erotic Costumes Swimwear Push-up Padded Bra Sexy Bikini Set Bathing Suit Swimming Suit

transparent panties
2023 Sexy Men Lace Thong Transparent Breathable Panties Men See Through Pouch G-Strings Male Underpants Jockstrap Gay Underwear

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Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD)
Very odd.
From the small preview image on my phone I thought it was a casting fetish... But when I opened up to full size the only thing I could think of was 'odd'

Just say NO.... Bad

Pffffff....... 😟
Another FOTD for me, but must have appealed to someone....

 tumblr_nw3h1gE2on1s9ft1jo1_540.png    - yuck!

Yeah, something I really hate is cigarette smoke and stink... But I do like the smell of tobacco (not burnt, that is).
Oh dear....

 tumblr_nx3kp5yZYG1ti6greo1_540.jpg    - no, no, no, no, no, no! 😡

Ok, so I don't shave my legs either (though I rather like the idea), but at least I cover up with layers or opaque tights (or both!)

I know many must like this, but try as I might I can't...

 tumblr_nxng0yw0Va1ub2hgto1_540.jpg    - I know it should be sexy, with a very pretty model and encasement, but the material is all wrong and a true FOTD

Reminds me a bit of Joanna Lumley as Purdey in 'The Eagle's Nest', the  first episode of 'The New Avengers',

Quote: I know it should be sexy, with a very pretty model and encasement, but the material is all wrong

 Purdey Eagles Nest1.jpg     Purdey Eagles Nest2.jpg     Purdey Eagles Nest.jpg     Purdey Eagles Nest3.jpg   
My girlfriend sent me this.....


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I think I should like it, but I find it disgusting:

 Growing-Real-Skin-Stiletto-Heals-2.jpg     Growing-Real-Skin-Stiletto-Heals-1.jpg   

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