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WTF? of the day (WTFOTD)
Sometimes you look at something and think: "WTF?" Post it here!

The subject is very vague  and posts may go in other dedicated threads, but like EOTD it should be something ... different, but still a bit fetishy Wink
OK, let's go. WTF of today:  Wheres Dildo?: (and 99 Other Mind-stimulating Puzzles)

wheres_dildo-01.jpg thumbnail   

Note: "Spiral-bound" Big Grin
WTF of two days ago.

On my smartphone I use Google Now launcher, that follows my Google search pattern and propose new, as it thinks, related articles. Last time I was searching for various python (programming language) tricks, and Google decided that this article is related:

girl_in_stockings_python-01.jpg thumbnail    World is About To End..A Man Shocked After Woman He Picked Up At A Night Club Changed To A Python

The only thing I noticed is slender legs in stockings, so I clicked. This was the next photo:

python-02.png thumbnail   

Guess, what was my first reaction? WTF! This is when I came up with the idea of this thread Big Grin

Further investigation showed, that "The Mboma Phenomenon" went viral in the Central Africa. E.g.

The next picture that showed up was also showing a girl in stockings, but now completely mummifies by a python:

girl_in_stockings_python-03.jpg thumbnail   

Big Grin
Vore is always 'WTF' for me. I mean, as much as I love YCBatgirl's work what's she come up with here?

wtf.jpg thumbnail   

These two photos could go into the pantyhose candids thread, but then I thought:

candid_pantyhose_789_torn.jpg thumbnail      ... laddered pantyhose with reinforced top, gusset seams and dreamy smile ...

candid_pantyhose_752_black.jpg thumbnail    ... vertical splits in a garage wearing tiny shorts, pantyhose and heels ...

JOj9Pzc.gif thumbnail   

Freaky, puts a new meaning to golden eye
Wow... Nice blindfolds.. I hope she's wearing full sclera contacts underneath...
(05 Apr 2017, 20:19 )FagMan Wrote: [Image: post_440_1491416216_3e270b56052f794da1b2...xvlc_l.gif]   

Freaky, puts a new meaning to golden eye

Damn! in fact freaky!
(06 Apr 2017, 00:06 )Like Ra Wrote: Wow... Nice blindfolds.. I hope she's wearing full sclera contacts underneath...

It doesn't look so...
Here are some more images from the set:
comy01-01-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-02-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-03-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-04-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-05-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-06-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-07-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-08-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-09-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-10-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-11-400x225.jpg thumbnail    comy01-12-400x225.jpg thumbnail   

I wouldn't criticize anyone who put some effort in and came up short but... least convincing Batgirl ever?

WBE.jpg thumbnail   

That'll teach me not to Google 'Batgirl Crossplay'.


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