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Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD)
(26 Oct 2014, 16:48 )Warped Wrap Wrote: I don't like Marilyn Yusuf.
Hm... I do...

(26 Oct 2014, 16:48 )Warped Wrap Wrote: That pretend sexiness, that way in which she walks around in latex in the street and pretends nothing is out of the ordinary where she damn well knows there is, that way she overdoes the swaying of hips and the way she oversteps her own feet all the time. The pouting, the way she runs her hand along her body...

... please continue ... 😋
...and now for something completely different!

An eBay find described as Sexy Women Five toes Sheer See Through Sandals Pantyhose Stocking Socks that I believe needs to be here:


No, NO, NOOOOO - neither sexy nor sheer!

For me latex is sexy because of how it fits the body, smoothing out everything and drawing me in to want to touch and feel, running my hands up and down over the thin film of fabric covering whoever is wearing it.

So this is the antithesis of my love


I can't find the attraction in spikey smooth latex, quite the reverse in fact

In other words, it's not the material what makes the clothes, but it's the clothes what requires certain material 😉
(11 Nov 2014, 15:10 )Like Ra Wrote: In other words, it's not the material what makes the clothes, but it's the clothes what requires certain material 😉

Yes - to a degree. I can, and do, find if the clothes fit nicely the material is almost secondary... almost! 😁

My GF has some incredibly sexy cotton tops that fit just perfectly - But would I wish them to be made of latex? In honesty I think not - the clothes work for me as they are.

This doesn't mean I wouldn't like her to wear latex though! 😁



Flaccid of the year for me.... Bad

No, No, NO!
Horrible tights and awful panties.... yuck!

If ever I needed an image to deflate an erection this would be it! Better than any chastity device 😉

 tumblr_ngnuwqzshv1s4jw4io1_1280.jpg    - just say nose... sorry... just say NO!
 tumblr_niukyyuQff1tiqgp6o1_540.jpg    - really? Why?
 tumblr_nk6kdhYkq01unz2sko1_540.jpg    - oh dear, not fur me 😉

(25 Feb 2015, 23:21 )madjack Wrote: - just say nose... sorry... just say NO!
- really? Why?
- oh dear, not fur me 😉


Oh, you are so right in all cases!

Oh dear... this is so not and EOTD for me 😟


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